If you want to awaken spiritually, don’t do this


Most people want to be soothed and comforted by their spiritual teachers and Gurus.

Don’t be that kind of person.

Don’t engage in spiritual masturbation by only doing what feels good because the only one that it feels good for is your ego.

You may think you’re doing profound spiritual work but if feeling good is all that comes out of it, you’re not doing the real work.

The work that your ego is scared shitless of and is avoiding at all cost.

Real spiritual work is when the whole foundation of your life is shaken to its core, and repeatedly so until the ego is no longer able to rebuild itself up again.

When the only thing left is something that you can only know by completely surrendering to the process which is ruthlessly destroying that which you take as true and real.

It’s a challenging process to the point of brutal.

Pure hell at times to put it mildly, and where Truth is completely and utterly uninterested in your avoidance games and projections. 

The awakening process is not about building, creating or finding anything; on the contrary it’s about a full demolition of that which you now call your world.

You cannot take anything with you, and you won’t achieve anything, or gain anything.

Truth goes in behind layers and layers and veils of illusion that you’ve built and hold dear and when it’s done, all that is left is Truth itself.

The spiritual awakening process is about unlearning all the false nonsense you’ve taken for real all your life.

It has not even anything to do with spirituality, it goes way beyond all the spiritual woo-woo and mushiness. 

If you believe the path to awakening is about soft chanting, candle light and incense, and about trying to reach bliss states, then you haven’t even began you awakening process yet.

If you on the other hand are experiencing the dismantling of your “self” and the tearing down of your belief-systems, then it has begun and you’re in for a helluva ride.

And once Truth is done with you, ‘you’ won’t be here, there is no finish line for ‘you’ to cross in it.

No high-fives to be expected. 

What will be left is Truth, and only that.

And since you are that (although you can’t ‘know’ it until you know it), you’ll be free, and free to enjoy your life.

That’s really all that is left after awakening.

To live and to enjoy. Nothing more, nothing less.

If this is what you want, then stop hanging out in the spiritual playground of mainstream feel-good stuff and begin the Real Work:

Question everything and surrender completely to the process without trying to hide, run, or manipulate yourself out of it.

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