How to move from ‘asking and wanting’ to ‘allowing and receiving’? PART 1

The Law of Attraction states that first we ‘ask’, with our energy vibration, and to the extent that we believe (‘it is done unto you as you believe’) we will receive what we desire.

So how do we get to the state of receiving; allowing the good to come to us, assuming that we the ‘belief’-part sorted out and in place.

How do we stop ‘wanting’ and instead receive that which we asked for?

There are many ways to do that, but the most important, and the most difficult I might add; is to Let Go of the need to control the ‘hows’ of the manifestation.

A memory comes to mind that I want to share with you.

As you may know by now, I’m a huge book-lover, and I only read books in English and haven’t read a Scandinavian book in years. So anyway, this was some years ago, and I was in a place of not having a lot of money at the time, and I craved to read some books that I reeeally wanted and I had no idea of how to be able to get those books, or how to be able to read them because I couldn’t get them here in Norway, so I just wrote a list of all the books that I wanted to read, don’t know how many books all in all, but the list was pretty long!

They were all American and they were all about personal development and spirituality – books that I wasn’t able to buy here in Norway.

So to make a long story short; the way the Universe operates is simply and completely out of our comprehension and understanding, we can’t possibly think out in advance how the outcome will unfold, so we might as well just give that control up and let God do it’s Thang 🙂

So, I wrote my list, and the desire to read those books was very strong, so there were a lot of strong, positive emotion connected to the desire; and as we know; the stronger the emotion attached to dreams and goals, the stronger the attraction.

After I had written the list I let go of it because I knew there wasn’t much I could do at the time but to leave it to the universe, and after a very short while I started to attract to me people from the US, and it ended with me going to visit for three months (there were a lot more amazing things to the trip which I can tell you about some other time:-) and while there I got to read aaall the books on my list – and more!

And just before I was going to leave, I had finished the last book of all the books that I wanted to read. It was so obvious to me that God was holding it all, and I knew that it was because I had written a list of what I wanted, and then let it go.

And the whole thing evolved in amazing ways, and it was one of the best times in my life really, it manifested in ways better than I could have imagined 🙂 Just because I trusted that the universe had the whole perspective and knew the way!

There are many more ways to move to the state of receiving and allowing, which I will be sharing here on my blog, and this is only one of them, yet the most powerful; Let Go and Let God.

Read on for part 2 here

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