How to use the Abraham-Hicks emotional guidance scale


Have you ever felt really down and someone have told you to “think positively” and it will all be better? And did you feel the irritation well up inside you when they told you the obvious?

Well, that is because you were on two different places emotionally, two totally different vibrations and you couldn’t “meet” each other vibrationally.

I know of people who has told others to just “chin up!” when they have been depressed, and when they in turn got into the lower vibrations of powerlessness themselves one day, they suddenly got it. It’s not just to “think positively” and all will be well. We know that thinking positively will make things better, but how do we get there when we feel anything else than even the slightest positive to begin with?

We can use the emotional guidance scale!

Here are 22 of our most felt emotions, and as you can see on the scale, the higher up, the happier, and of course, the lower on the scale, the more unhappier.

So, what you do, is that you find the emotion where you are at the moment, and you speak and think yourself up on the scale, one emotion at the time. Sometimes you can even jump a few emotions up on the scale at once.


  • 1 . Joy/Appreciation/Empowered/Freedom/Love
    2 . Passion
    3 . Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
    4 . Positive Expectation/Belief
    5 . Optimism
    6 . Hopefulness
    7 . Contentment
    8 . Boredom
    9 . Pessimism
    10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
    11. Overwhelment
    12. Disappointment
    13. Doubt
    14. Worry
    15. Blame
    16. Discouragement
    17. Anger
    18. Revenge
    19. Hatred/Rage
    20. Jealousy
    21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
    22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

An example:

Lets say you feel “depressed”(emotion nr. 22). To improve your emotion would not be to jump up to nr. 1 at once, in fact, it would be very hard to do that, so what you do is that you could think thoughts that creates feelings of perhaps “guilt” (emotion nr. 21) within you. Stay there for a while until you really feel it – then climb higher up.

Maybe now you can create feelings of “rage” (emotion nr. 19) within you with your thoughts. This is ONLY an emotional/mental exercise, and so there will be no acting out on these emotions to harm anyone! We want to move even higher up on the scale. Maybe now you can feel “blame” (nr. 15), and then “disappointment” (nr. 12) and so on. Every emotion is an improvement and you will always want to go upwards towards number 1:

So instead of trying to “just get over it and be happy”, you are naming your emotions, you are owning them, accepting them, and then you are letting them go, one emotion at the time until you feel better.

And don’t ever “stay” on the lower part of the emotional scale, see to it that you at least get to number 7 . You can make yourself feel differently with the right kind of thoughts, and in the beginning it helps to speak the words out loud, because that puts more feeling into them.

What and how can you think and speak to yourself about then?

Examples can be:

Lets say you feel “disappointed” (nr. 12) at someone. You are disappointed that he’s never on time for your get togethers, he’s always late, and you feel disappointed at him, a bit sad even.
Now would be a good time to see if you can invoke feelings of “irritation”(nr. 10) within yourself by speaking/thinking: “It makes me really sad and disappointed that he’s always late. I feel that he’s not respecting me… wtf! It is sooo irritating that he thinks that I’m going to wait for him one more minute! I’ve had it with this behavior!”

Noticed how your emotion improved? (you went from nr. 12 to nr. 10)

Now, go even higher up:

“You know what? (still talking/thinking to yourself), I don’t care anymore. I’m leaving and he can just come and wait for me this time. I’m going shopping instead. I’m perfectly fine with that”. (feeling “contentment” (nr. 7) and perhaps a bit empowered too (nr. 1:-)

And from there you just keep finding thoughts that improves your feelings, and when you find a new, improved state of mind, you let go of the old one!

Try it with wherever you are. You can be happy, and climb higher to passion and freedom!

Talk/think yourself to better feelings, –you can do it! 🙂

Spiritual Teacher Maria Erving

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    […] Choose a better feeling thought. Expecting to go from discouragement to joy in a single bound is (insidiously) a shortcut to depression. […]

  2. Lisa Lewis says:

    Never looked at the Emotional Scale that way Maria! I like your suggestion to ‘name’ how you feel and then move the scale.

    Spent many years just doing affirmations with very little success and this Emotional Scale really is a much better way of embracing what is, yet moving in the right direction.

    I think your process of dealing with where you are on the Emotional Scale would work very good with our group. I hope you don’t mind me sharing it with everyone.

    We all want more money flowing into our lives, but you have to do more than ‘act as if’!

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Maria Erving says:

    I’m personally not into any of these concepts anymore (at all) after my spiritual awakening experience.

    This post must be a couple of years old or so and it’s not what I teach or share about anymore at all as you can read a little bit about on my about-page: http://mariaerving.com/about-maria/ and also if you read my newer articles you will understand what I’m about nowadays.

    Wishing you a great weekend! 🙂

    All the best,

  4. Jose Jorge says:

    Thank you for your inspiring words.
    Have a wonderful and joyful day.

  5. Maria Erving says:

    Thank you Jose! Glad to hear you like what I share in my writings.

    If you’re referring to this particular article, I want to mention that I’m no longer into any of these kinds of concepts and teachings myself.

    Have a great day! 🙂

  6. Maria Erving says:


    I have no interest in these kinds of concepts anymore.

  7. Maria Erving says:

    This is a reply to someone who shared this article on Twitter and left me a few words of appreciation as well, and I thank you for that. It’s always nice to hear when people like my articles and sometimes this article comes up so I wanted to clarify things a bit.

    So, again, thank you for the mention and appreciation, but I’m not personally into the Abe-teachings anymore and haven’t been for years (this is an old article) as it’s just not resonating with me anymore.

    We don’t have to hide, deny or resist any kind of feelings. It’s not healthy.

    What is healthy is a perspective- and attitude-shift and that comes from facing our own emotional responses and life with maturity instead of pretending to feel what we’re not really feeling.

    There’s no need to go through any of these kinds of ‘techniques’ at all, it’s just time consuming and a pointless waste of time in my opinion.

    There’s a far more easier way to live life that I’m going to share with you below, because life is really kind and we have our emotional and mental world because it has value in our lives, it’s meant to serve us.

    Nothing has been given to us by mistake.

    We’re suppose to grow and mature emotionally and mentally (and spiritually) and we can’t do that if we try to escape from ourselves and our feelings.

    There’s nothing wrong with any kinds of feelings.

    They are merely messengers and the moment they have been allowed to deliver their message (by our openness to them) then they simply vanish and are replaced with new feelings and emotions.

    (Usually more enjoyable ones, because that’s a natural outcome of having received insights and realizations).

    It’s a natural flow of life.

    Life is always flowing and moving and we can easily get in alignment with it by meeting it with curiosity, openness and love rather than trying to tun away from it by being afraid of our own feelings as many are.

    That’s why people over-eat, drink alcohol excessively, take drugs or do mindless things like watch TV for hours everyday.

    If there’s depression, that depression will not ‘go away’ by trying to deny it.

    If there’s doubt and worry, then you have to work on your consciousness in order to build up the faith that is already within you, and so on.

    You question the worry, you look at it closely and you investigate it by checking if there’s any Truth to be found there (which there isn’t, but that realization can only come by spiritual growth); you don’t run from it.

    Now, this doesn’t mean that it needs to be analysed to bits and pieces and that we need to indulge and marinade ourselves in any of the feelings we feel.

    In fact the whole process of facing ‘what is’ wholeheartedly takes less time (and energy) than doing all this emotional-scale-stuff.

    Resistance takes effort while allowing creates a free, ongoing flow and is by nature peaceful. (Even in challenging times and when we’re facing issues that may not be as comfortable as the ego wants them to be).

    And if you’re depressed, talk with someone who can help you – it’s not healthy to ignore those types of inner turmoils.

    There’s obviously something there that needs to be addressed, and when a person is deeply in despair or hopelessness then asking for help might be the best thing for them to do at that point in time.

    It’s not the surface level of mind that is expressed anyway in our life; it’s our consciousness that is objectified, and unless we are true (honest with ourselves) there can be no true and lasting freedom.

    What happens is that the moment we let go and acknowledge that there’s a feeling of anger for example, it looses it’s ‘power’ because we don’t make it wrong.

    And with developed emotional awareness we learn to use that anger constructively if needed and not by lashing out or attacking others or ourselves.

    Nor is there any blame and shame involved.

    That’s one of the favorite mind-games of the ego, it likes to make things (whatever it might be; people, situations, feelings etc) wrong and then point fingers (=not take responsibility for the emotional responses), or it will make you feel ‘bad’ because you think you ‘should’ feel this or that way.

    In reality no feelings are ‘bad’, they are just feelings and if allowed, the so called ‘bad’ feelings will soon be naturally replaced with peaceful ones because there’s no more resistance, and when fear has been seen through for what it is it can never again harm you.

    And also, in the process of spiritual awakening there is fear to be experienced, there’s even despair and deep hopelessness that comes up (not always but most of the time), and unless we meet those processes with awareness then the person will never transcend anything.

    They will most probably continue to stay on a (ego) level of consciousness where they continue doing things in desperation to merely ‘feel better’, which this emotional scale for example can help them to do. (It provides a temporary solution/relief).

    But transformation comes from meeting ‘what is’, not running away from it.

    In the process of awakening for example there will be times when a person goes through chemicalization (cleansing) processes etc where the old and new level of consciousness clashes and that is not always comfortable, not at all actually.

    But it is a part of the process and only when we have the awareness and understanding of that process can it go smoother and easier for us. (And thus more peacefully).

    While trying to escape from it only prevents the new realizations and awareness to be established in our consciousness.

    So my point is, that all our feelings has something to convey, especially those which we try to ignore and not listen to.

    Fear is what keeps us from looking, and fear is another name for ego.

    We have to have the courage to look at the fear, meet it and see it clearly before we can realize its futility and irrationality in our lives.

    It has no validity whatsoever, but we need to know that, not just think that on a surface level of mind while slapping on a happy face thinking that will change things.

    When we face life with all our hearts (and compassion for ourselves) we also mature and grow spiritually and can thus handle whatever comes up in a more mature way, and what will always be at the core of our beingness in any situation or circumstance is the peace that passeth all understanding.

    And that comes from a shift in consciousness, it changes our whole foundation, and it goes way beyond merely the thinking and feeling aspects of life.

    It will carry it all, so whatever comes up is naturally met with a peaceful (and aware) heart.

    Very simple formula of liberated living. Feelings are fleeting, it’s only when we resist them (by denying, hiding, running away from etc) that they have staying power.

    Here’s a few other articles that explains a bit more what I mean:

    If you feel drawn to read them then do that, if not, then don’t.

    I just felt the nudge to share so I did 🙂

    Hope you enjoy the read.





    And here’s a few more articles that can be helpful in addition to what I have already shared if you happen to be a member of mariaerving.com and found this article:




  8. Catherine says:

    Thanks for sharing where you’re at right now. I still think this is a great tool for those of us who are starting out.

    As you say, emotions are indicators and signs. We can observe anger and mellow its vibration while still following the direction from where it has arisen.

    Ideally using an energy technique, like EFT will help to clear out the source of our lower vibrations.



  9. Maria Erving says:

    You’re so very welcome Catherine, and thanks for the inspiration to write this reply.

    I love when inspiration suddenly strikes from reading a little innocent tweet 🙂

    All the best to you as well,



    (I have no interest in these kinds of concepts anymore).

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.