7 Ways Of How We Dull Ourselves Down Spiritually And What To Do About It


Of course there are many other ways but in this post I mention seven of the most common ones that came to me right now, and what to do to about any kind of dullness and stuckness in life.

See if you can relate:

1. We are not following the natural unfolding of life, but always try to change or control our experience in some way.

The natural flow of life unfolds moment to moment, and we know it intuitively.

We know what to do, you know exactly what to do, but the fear of uncertainty keeps us away from our right path.

Remember; the ego wants us to stay in the box where it’s comfortable, while our true life is actually outside the comfort zone! (or, “the box”)

Intuitively we always know what to do in every moment.

2. There’s too much concern about what others might think of us.

We keep our opinions to ourselves, only to rehears them afterwards in our mind-made drama where we most certainly will ‘tell them off’, which never happens in real life!

We don’t want to rock the boat so we continue walk on egg-shells for others, or if we are ‘noble’ we call it that we just want to spare them, or protect their feelings from being hurt, which is just plain rubbish; we can never know how someone might react, and besides, we are not responsible for other peoples feelings and reactions.

Another way of being too concerned of what others might think is when we keep ourselves in boxes of stereotypes and preconceived opinions about how people should behave, which includes ourselves and the roles we play for others.

Stop tending to the mask, instead tend to the being behind it!

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Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~Dr. Seuss

3. We let ourselves be fooled into believing the minds idea of recreation and relaxation.

We believe the mind that tells us to unwind and relax with drugs or alcohol.

(I’m not saying that there’s something wrong with having a glass of wine or whatever now and then, but I’m sure you get my point)

It’s impossible to be present when lulling yourself away to some kind of mood-altered LaLa-land by substances!

4. We believe that there’s a division between life and spiritual life, when in fact everything can be done through/from Spirit.

Simple attentive awareness of our “why’s” is the key;

Why do I chose to do this, why do I want to say this, why do I want this, why do I watch this, etc.

Everything in life is spiritual.

5. We are too future oriented so the ‘should have’s’ and ‘musts’ has taken over completely and we go through life like a dog on a leach with the ego as our leader!

We are way too serious and strict with ourselves and others. 

The antidote?

Smile more, let things go more, be more like a child, play more, be goofy, let loose a bit.

6. We avoid so called negative emotions and frenetically try to think positively, while the fastest way to transcend anything is by accepting – not by desperately trying to improve or by avoiding ‘what is’.

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There’s nothing wrong with feeling down at times, it’s the non-acceptance that creates suffering, not the emotions themselves.

Accept yourself fully.

7. We don’t allow ourselves to grow, we are not being teachable and open to new input.

We think have it all figured out and that we know it all.

Look at yourself; where are you being rigid and closed, what beliefs are you holding on to the most?

Are you open to the possibility that the opposite can be valid or true as well?

Just take a closer look at how you are allowing yourself to be contracted and closed to any kind of freshness and newness in life.

Being spiritually dull is the same as not being fully alive!

Hence the expression of being spiritually asleep, or being in a trance state of sleepwalking.

Work with life, not against it. 

I’ll show you how.

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  1. So true. We’re also so geared to ignoring the glut of information provided by all the information technology in our society that we get extremely good at ignoring the very information that might help us break out of our habits.

  2. Maria Erving says:

    Hi Tahlia,

    Many thanks for commenting – glad you liked my post! 🙂

    The inner voice gets easily dimmed down by the worlds demands which the ego is so concerned to obey but it never goes anywhere, it’s always there, waiting for us to just slow down and listen to it.

    Here’s another post that you might like that has to do with getting still and listen to the inner voice that always wants what’s best for us:


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  4. Azeb Girmai says:


  5. Maria Erving says:

    I assume that you liked the article Azeb..? If so, I’m glad it resonated with you:)

  6. Dev Arbikshe says:

    You know, the 7th point is a little tricky to interpret, but rest is totally true, no ambiguity. And I reckon the inner voice is concerned about our well being only and not society’s expectations, conforming,status quo etc.

  7. Maria Erving says:

    The seventh point can be interpreted in whatever way it resonates with your heart, but in short it’s about being who you are and not pretend to be a ‘somebody’ who knows it all.

    Opinions are only opinions and not truths, and the more rigidly we hold on to opinions, the more off the path we get.

    When we can let go of the need to be right, that’s when we free ourselves from the rigid mind that thinks it knows everything.

    Many people pretend to have it all together so there’s little or no way one can reach the hearts of those because they keep themselves guarded and closed.

    They are rigidly holding on to their opinions and beliefs even when Life shows them a new way and path that may suit them better.

    They refuse to let go.

    They think they know what’s best, when in reality, when we let go of all that, that’s when true freedom and liberation can happen.

    You may find this article helpful too: http://mariaerving.com/break-free-from-programming/

    And yes, the inner voice is usually the opposite of what ‘the world’ tells us 🙂

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