Let a Coin Toss Decide What You Should Do!


Not really! šŸ˜€

But this technique can definitely help you come closer to a decision that has been on your mind for the longest time.

Call Heads or Tails!

If you have done the pro and con lists, thought and meditated on a decision for ages and you’re still unable to decide something, then this could be very helpful.

It requires that you pay close attention to how you feel, what your first immediate gut-reaction is.

Narrow whatever choices you are wrestling with to two, flip the coin, and pay close attention the immediate gut reaction to the outcome.

For example; if you are indecisive about what job to chose if you have been offered two:

Pretend within your mind that you ‘have to’ go with the job that is tails for example, and toss the coin.

If your immediate reaction is that you feel happy with the way the coin toss came out, or you feel relief for example, maybe your intuition is telling you that should go with that.

And if you feel disappointed with the way the coin toss came out, maybe that is telling you to ignore its outcome and choose the other alternative.

The important thing is to catch the first feeling that comes up. It only takes a few short moments for the mind to begin rationalising and using logic again, so pay attention to the first feeling you get and you are closer to clarity! šŸ™‚

Intuition is usually the first feeling that comes up.

Here’s another similar technique that can help you make a (final) decision:


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