I’m doing a mailing list purge


I’m removing EVERYONE from my mailing list, both new and old subscribers.

Here’s why:

It’s time to do a mailing list purge clean up, and since I can’t go through each subscriber one by one, I’m deleting everyone from my free mailing list.

And I’m doing it within the next ten minutes after I’ve posted this message. 

This because I want my mailing list to be healthy and active, engaging, fun, enjoyable and alive!

Since I’ve moved on from spiritual awakening and all the things related to that, I feel it’s time to do a massive clean up and let go of the people who are not in alignment with what I’m about nowadays. 

My website has existed since 2009 and the content has changed a few times during this time period, and naturally, so has the content I write about to my mailing list as well.

To continue having people on my mailing list who no longer resonate with what I share today makes no sense at all, so it’s time to do some decluttering and purging.

Everyone’s energy gets released and we can all go on with our lives.

While some will continue on the journey with me, some will not, and that’s perfectly fine.

The intent I have with this mailing list purge is simple:

I only want to give and share with people who want what I have to offer.

Another example is that there’s people on my list who subscribed years ago wanting only my free e-book that I at the time offered as a “free gift”.

Many of them are probably not even opening emails from me anymore after they got the ‘free gift’ so it’s really pointless to have them subscribed. 

Because of the changes that has naturally unfolded over time in regards to my services and offerings, I want to do a mailing list purge to make sure that I’m only sending emails to people who get what they actually want and appreciate. 

And I know there are experts out there who think I’m crazy and that it’s insane to do something “drastic” like deleting all mailing list subscribers but it’s not like that for me at all. 

To me it feels obvious and right, and for anyone who want to come with me into the future it’s very easy to re-subscribe.

It only takes a minute, while it would take me a lot more time to go through each email etc etc.

So I’ve decided to remove everyone and let those who are still interested in receiving my emails to simply re-subscribe again.

Doing this ensures that my list is alive and healthy, and quite frankly, I’d rather have a few interested subscribers than thousands of uninterested ones.

If we’re not a good match, meaning if you’re not interested in my content or are not finding it relevant to where you are in your growth at this point in your life, then simply don’t re-subscribe.

It just feels like the easiest way to handle the purge, even if many would argue and say it’s insane to do it this way, that I risk losing people and so on.

But I don’t see it that way.

The people who are meant to be and stay connected with me will remain (and get) connected with me.

It’s in our flow! If we are meant to be connected, we will be connected, and of not then not 🙂

So it’s is simply a way of getting rid of the dead weight on my list.

I don’t “lose” them because I really didn’t have them anyway if they weren’t engaged in what I share.

I only want the ‘right’ (compatible) people on my list, people who I enjoy writing to and who enjoy reading what I share with them.

If you’re not reading my emails, there’s not much point getting them either, that’s how I see it. 

There is no use of us being connected if you’re not into what I’m sharing and giving. 

Purging creates more space and energy for those who do resonate with me and my message.

I rather have an audience that is in alignment with what I have to offer, who are on the same wavelength/in sync with me.

It’s a reality in life that some are vibing with us and some are not, so it’s not a big deal at all.

Sometimes people grow apart and move in different and even opposite directions in life, simple as that. 

So, from now on I only want to send emails to people who are interested in hearing from me, and if you are one of them, then simply re-join my list and we’re connected again 🙂

If you don’t re-subscribe to my mailing list then you will never hear from me again.  

I want to have an organic and close relationship with my subscribers instead of engaging with a shallow, apathetic and ‘dead’ one.

No offence! 🙂

I have awesome subscribers too with whom I have a great relationship with, but there’s undoubtedly those other types of subscribers too. 

If you’re a member of you will of course stay on my mailing list as you wouldn’t be a paying member if you weren’t interested in what I offer.

I only do this purge on my free mailing list (and I remove ALL subscribers from that list). 

The rest of this year and the year of 2018 is going to be amazing and I look forward to write to a list knowing that the people on it are appreciating and finding value in what I share.

Every email I write is always coming from my heart (I don’t send out pre-written emails) so to know that you are truly into my messages makes me even more inspired to continue giving. 

If you want to come with me into the new year then I welcome you with open arms, and if you choose to go your own way in a different direction then I wish you all the best on your journey moving forward.

No hard feelings at all, only a wish for happiness to all! 🙂

Anyone interested in living the Life of Flow is more than welcome to join/re-join my mailing list!

mailing list purge

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