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This page is somewhat outdated and will at some point be updated, but I thought I leave it here if someone wish to read a bit about my past.

No beliefs are true and I have no interest in spiritual concepts and beliefs at all; those are in fact what we wake up from. (That includes the belief in Gods and other deities).

This page shows a little bit about my journey from concepts to awakening to reality.

So at some point I will update this page but will leave it here for now. 

Truth is to be realized within each of us, for ourselves, and no one is the authority except for the Spirit that dwells within each of us.

I used to be all about personal development and spirituality (A Course In Miracles, Angels, etc.), as well as the Law of Attraction, even writing a couple of books on this subject, until I had a spiritual awakening experience.

This completely and profoundly altered my thought system and perspective on life, as well as about who and what I am.

All previous concepts that I had at one time held very dear and sincerely believed in were totally wiped out of my mind as my consciousness made a complete and profound shift in perception and awareness; I encountered Truth and Oneness.

Self-improvement and personal development became completely irrelevant to me as I realized that I am not a person, and neither are you. We are not who we think we are at all!

When this spiritual awakening experience occurred I had just been invited to be a key-speaker on the subject of the Law of Attraction at two seminars in Malaysia.

The awakening experience caught me by total surprise, and even though I had been keenly aware of my own ego death and spiritual surrendering processes for many years, it was never my intention to move in the direction of awakening or enlightenment.

I really believed that I was in control of my life; the “creator” of it, so to speak. Well, I obviously did not go to the conferences to speak as that would have been completely out of integrity and authenticity with regard to who I am, what I stand for, and what I had discovered and realized to be true and real.

I went from being a person who had endless lists of goals and plans, and I took passionate, “massive action” to achieve them using assorted modalities, to suddenly find myself being totally free and liberated – knowing that I am not in control of my life. I am life!

Life Is Living Me, and I’m Enjoying The Ride!

Just because we have had a spiritual awakening experience or realization of our true nature, this does not mean we are automatically “enlightened.”

There is a process after a spiritual awakening experience as well; actually, that is when our Real Life truly begins!

I don’t call myself an awakened being or enlightened, I know it’s a process that I have no control over whatsoever.

Awakening has nothing to do with the little self/person waking up; it is Life waking up to itself.

And I’m not fond of using any kind of labels and definitions of myself anyway, I like being free of those and instead staying open and curious; who knows how Life decides to move me tomorrow, no one knows!

To live an authentic life we need to be totally true to who we are and it requires complete honesty with ourselves; we must continuously ask and inquire looking within, and basically question everything we think we know – for our true self and life is not to be found in thinking and the mind.

There is actually a huge liberation and freedom in realizing that we don’t really know anything for certain except for what is right now, in the Present Moment.

Be True To Who You Are And From That Space Your Real Life Will Unfold Naturally!

This is my core message. Simply be who you are, no matter what, and watch your real life unfold.

I look forward to connecting with you,

All the best,


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Maria has a background in Personal Development and Spirituality as well as Internet Marketing.

Throughout her life, Maria has been interested in the variety of universal laws and principles and how they directly and indirectly impact our lives.

She is the author of “Energy Awareness: How to Use Energy to Change Your Life” and “The Power of Aligned Thought: How The Mind Works and How To Use It” and have co-authored in several other books as well as being a contributor as an author on several personal development/spirituality/self improvement sites on the Internet.

Originally from Sweden, Maria has enjoyed the privilege of living in Spain, Finland and currently resides in Norway, which she has called home for the past ten years, and her favorite place on Earth is Los Angeles and California.

She is educated in a variety of alternative therapies such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Master Practitioner), Life Coaching, Reiki Healing (Master), Bach Flower Remedies, and several types of body work therapies such as Energy Massage, Acupressure, and even massage for dogs.

After a series of life altering spiritual awakening experiences Maria no longer work with alternative medicine and traditional life coaching.

Maria can be contacted for spiritual guidance sessions and meetings worldwide.

Let Your Intuition And Inspiration Lead You To Be An Authentic Expression Of Life Itself.

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My intent is to have people think independently, feel deeply and honestly, and move into a higher knowing of themselves.