How To Solve Issue Regarding Being Redirected To “Page Not Found” After Commenting


I just couldn’t figure out how to solve this issue so I asked for help in the iThemes forum and Ronald there kindly helped me with this.

Serverbuddy showed that everything was fine, (no fails), and Ronald asked me to visit the permalinks page (wp-dashboard > Settings > Permalinks) and click “save” (no need to change anything) and watch for any messages related to WordPress not being able to update the permalinks. Still the same redirect after commenting.

I disabled all my plugins and reactivated them one by one, and I also changed theme to another theme and posted a test comment and I still got redirected to “page not found” after commenting.

So after all this, Ronald offered to help me with this and this is what he did:

He simply unticked the setting “break comments into pages …” in the wp-dashboard > Settings > Discussion section

That did the trick!

Problem solved! Comments redirect works great again! 🙂

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