Reiki Healing in Marbella, Malaga, Costa del Sol

I offer distant healing sessions as well as hands-on healing in Marbella, Malaga, Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain.

My Reiki Healing Journey

I got into Reiki in the beginning of the new millennium sometime when I was in rehab for my drug addiction.

The rehab center had an alternative focus so in addition to traditional psychotherapy and Gestalt therapy we also received a myriad of different alternative treatments and Reiki healing was one of them.

I stayed in the rehab program for over two years and received countless of treatments.

During my time there I also completed my Reiki healing course and got my Master initiation shortly after.

In fact, I did Reiki level 1, 2 and 3 several times because the rehab center owners facilitated courses on a regular basis and I participated in all of them.

During my time at the rehab center I also gave countless of Reiki healing treatments to the others both in the program and to people form the outside.

Later after I had left the rehab center I met a private teacher who initiated me to the Master level.

All levels in Reiki are first and foremost about self-healing and then when you have completed your own healing journey, then you can become a teacher or “Reiki Master”.

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“Every chance she had she would send me a message to remind me that I wasn’t alone and she was there to help me. It was like I’ve known her all of my life.

She will embrace your problems and fight with you to get them solved and bring you to a place of love and peace.

That’s what I love about Maria. She’s Very Passionate and gives Compassion.

Maria introduced me to Reiki healing, I was a bit skeptical because I’m in the USA and she is overseas. She explained how distant Reiki healing works and made me feel very comfortable about having a session. I have to tell you this..IT WORKS!. And YOU WILL FEEL THE ENERGY..I WAS AMAZED that I immediately scheduled another a few days later.

When I felt the healing taking place it was so peaceful and literally relaxing. With the Reiki healing sessions followed by prayer and meditation I started to see a remarkable transformation in my life.

Maria is a compassionate, motivating teacher who uses the power of energy to bring you to action and change your life.

She is so uplifting, inspiring and brings a light into the lives of all she touches.

She is a person of integrity and has a love of being of service to others. Do not hesitate for a moment of being guided by Maria, that is something you will never regret!”

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