How To Remove The “Just Another WordPress Blog” Text From Your New Blog


How To Change The ‘Just Another WordPress Blog’ Text:

Click on “Settings” (under “Tools”) > General.

Here you can change the tagline (which is saying “Just another WordPress Blog” by default) into something that describes your blog, so that people who visit your blog for the first time know what it is about.

Here’s an example: (my old actually:-)

“Spirit-Driven Entrepreneurship
Only You Can Give What You Came Here To Give – Step Up and Lead: Begin Here!”

The tag line has to be something that describes your sites content right away. People should be able to immediately see what it is about, and usually you only have a few seconds to catch a web surfers attention so make sure it’s straight to the point. Do some research and look up other sites within your niche and see their taglines to get inspired.

Sometimes when I surf the net and find a blog I leave it right away if I have to search and look for what it is about.

So make it clear to your visitor what you are about and what they can expect by browsing your site:-)

Click “Save Changes” when you’re done and go see how your blog looks now.

By the way; the default post named “Hello World” can be deleted. That can be done in “Posts” > “Trash”. Done icon smile How To Remove The Just Another WordPress Blog Text From Your New Blog

Feel very free to share your own tag line ideas below in comments!



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