Sayalonga to Competa to Torrox

At the moment I have the privilege to spend time with two wonderful cats in Sayalonga here in Andalucia.

It’s so wonderful to be around cats again – I haven’t had the opportunity to be really close to them since I lost my own cat-friend last year.

And the house!

It’s amazing, so beautiful; amazing views, beautiful private garden, pool, .. I must say that I feel very blessed to be here 🙂

Here’s my ‘office’ at the moment

How I spent my first day here

The amazing view (That’s Elly, one of my new cat BFF’s in the pic).

One more ‘amazing view’ pic! (The mountain in the picture is of La Maroma, it’s the highest top in the whole Malaga region).

On Saturday it’s back to Competa again for a few days (I have my base there until I go to India) and then back to Torrox on Wednesday next week where I will be for almost 6 weeks taking care of a couple of dogs.

It’s a short walk to the beach in Torrox from the house and it’s easier to take the bus to Malaga where I’ll have to go to take my shots before my India trip;

I get really carsick in the winding mountain roads up in Competa (thank God for chemicals!).

What else can I share with you, ..

Oh, yes!

Since I decided to go to India I’m doing my very best to save up enough money to everything, but the truth is that at this point I still have no clue how to be able to do this trip having all covered, such as for example insurance and other things, but I’m determined to go in January, come what may.


I was pondering and thinking about ways to enhance my experience of this trip (without having to travel low budget all the way) and the inspiration came to me that I could approach different businesses in India and ask them for a complimentary stay/experience in exchange for me writing and sharing about my experiences with their services, and guess what?

So far two businesses are interested in working with me! 🙂

One is an Indian tour company that might be interested in giving me a complimentary tour experience that is over two weeks long (!) and the other one is a SPA retreat place that looks absolutely amazing!

At the moment we are discussing and communicating back and forth and will come to an agreement shortly and if everything goes well I might be looking forward to some pretty amazing experiences on my India trip that I would not be able to afford myself at this point in my life.

All in exchange for me writing and sharing about my experiences – things that I love doing anyway (writing and inspiring others), and what could be better than that? 🙂

Fingers crossed! (Que sera, sera 🙂 )

cat in bed

Dogs are not allowed, but cats in my bed; oh, yes!

This is Tom, one of my new cat BFF’s 🙂


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