A Shift In Consciousness Is Not Caused By Us


We are not the cause to our spiritual awakening.

It has nothing to do with the ego’s disappointments of concepts that didn’t bring them what they thought they desired.

This is something people write to me about at times so I wanted to address it.

It’s kind of common to think that we can somehow awaken ourselves and that all it takes is for us to ‘change our mind and beliefs’.

It’s absolutely positive to do that kind of work consciously as well (getting rid of limiting beliefs etc), that’s not what I’m saying, but this post is about True Spiritual Awakening.

Your awakening is not your doing, and it’s not you changing your mind about something by your free will.

It’s not about you thinking that something doesn’t work and now you’re moving on to the next best thing that will get you what you want. (Like for example: “This Law of Attraction thing is not working so I’m trying out the Silva Mind Method” or something like that)

The ego will always look for the blueprint to manifesting it’s desires, so to conceptualize spiritual awakening can be the next thing to ‘try out’ for the ego.

Like a new three step program for attaining enlightenment.

But that’s not what I speak about at all!

A shift of consciousness is something that happens to us, it’s not created by us nor our thinking.

When my shift happened (one of the “big ones” I have had), it happened at the worst thinkable time actually. (I have experienced a few life altering shifts the past few years especially, both sudden and more gradually evolving ones).

It did not fit into my own personal plans at all.

I had just been invited to Malaysia to be the key-speaker on two seminars and teach the audience about the power of mind and law of attraction, so when my spiritual awakening happened it kind of crushed all that.

I obviously couldn’t go through with it as it would have compromised my integrity.

It was a very difficult thing to let go of, but I had to.

When we awaken there’s no way back. It’s impossible to revert back to “the world” again, it’s not doable.

Nothing will ever be the same again. (In a very good way:-)

So, no one can think themselves enlightened or awakened, and it’s completely out of our power to steer the evolution or control with our minds how it’s going to happen.

It has nothing to do with our free will. We don’t decide when we wake up to reality.

No one can awaken us, there are no self development programs in the world that can make you wake up.

The whole thing is way beyond mind. In fact – the mind is nothing compared to Truth.

There are people who have been on the spiritual path for decades and meditated every day and so on that still haven’t had the slightest realization of who and what they really are yet, and then there are completely average people living average lives and who’s not even interested in spirituality that suddenly experiences a spiritual awakening!

So it’s not something we can ‘make happen’, no matter how many programs or books we study.

It’s not about the mind. At all.

I do believe however that an earnest and sincere pursuit or interest (devotion) to knowing the Truth is helpful.

It has been for me, and still are. I love learning and discovering about Life and my place in it, but my sincerity towards it is not a ticket to enlightenment.

There are no guarantees whatsoever that what we do will bring us any kind of spiritual experiences or awakenings.

I’m not ‘done’ yet myself, and my intention was never to ‘wake up’, I have just always been keenly interested in my own spiritual and personal development for as long as I can remember.

It’s natural for me to be passionate about spiritual evolution, but I don’t have any agendas behind my passion for consciousness and awareness.

No one can point out the “right way to spiritual awakening” as it is a very personal journey and everyone’s path is different.

The only spiritual practice I do nowadays is mediation. I no longer feel the need to pray or talk with God as I used to do.

And I loved those moments.

I just realized that I am one with God, so there’s no need to tell God anything. It would be like talking to myself in a way.

That too was a gift to me, I didn’t chose willingly to let go of my times of prayer.

Some years ago, before my shift of consciousness last spring (2011) I had a spiritual experience that I only now in retrospect understand the meaning of. (It has been some intense few years for me when it comes to my own transformation).

I was sitting in my caravan which at that time in my life was my home as I was homeless, and suddenly a voice said to me: “You have been given grace”, and I was so taken by it – it touched the deepest place in my heart, and I couldn’t stop crying, I felt this overwhelming gratitude for the message.

But I didn’t know what it meant.

I didn’t know the exact meaning of grace at the time, I just knew it was something wonderful.

I remember I Googled it and searched for the meaning and only now in retrospect when looking back at how my life evolved form that point can I see how firmly I was put ‘under the umbrella of God’.

The point I want to make is that I didn’t do it myself.

It was a gift from God.

Spiritual awakening is a gift, and it’s not up to us to ‘manifest it’ or ‘create’ anything that has to do with Truth.

Truth is already present, and it will reveals itself to us in it’s own time, on it’s own terms.

And when it happens it will probably take you by surprise just as it did with me.

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  4. Duncan says:

    I guess this post reminded me of Kung Fu Panda 2, where Po was able to achieve inner peace faster than Master Shifu expected.

  5. Maria Erving says:

    Hi Duncan,

    I know of that movie, but haven’t seen it myself, but I have heard it has a spiritual undertone, which is great I think:-)


  6. Edita says:

    Very interesting. I don’t think I have experienced that shift in consciousness which means I need to stay put and just be as surprised as you when it comes. I feel mixed emotions towards it but I am still hoping for the best. 🙂 Thanks!

  7. Maria Erving says:

    Hi Edita,

    Thank you for your comment!

    We are all going to wake up at some point (for some it may take life-times), it’s our natural state of being to be at One with all. But first the ego must die:-)

    Whenever the shift happens is beyond mind to comprehend or control in any way, but of course a sincere desire to know Truth is always good.

    After an awakening (or experience of spiritual awakening) nothing will be like it was before. It’s an life altering happening.

    Wishing you a great new week!


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  9. Nora says:

    I have had 3 shifts last year (2011). How I recognized a shift in my consciousness was as soon as it happened I looked at my surroundings and outside at the trees, and this warm feeling swept over me from head to toe. Everything around me had lit up simultaneously! Lit up, as in the sun looked brighter than ever before on a hot summer day, the trees looked like they were glowing, my garden almost looked like it was alive with colours. And this realization of ‘knowing’ and understanding became apparent. And you’re so right! Everything does change and you’re not the same ever again. A spiritual shift is planted deep inside of you that nothing, and I mean nothing can destroy that implantation. You ‘know’ you understand the world and the unseen world a little bit more, and you eventually find peace within yourself.

    I have always lived through intuition and since my shifts last year my intuition has heightened bit more as well. I don’t try to make people understand what it is or how it happens, not like I used to anyway! Hehe! There are a lot of illusions in this world, and the more people become aware of this the better the world would be. It will happened when the timing is just right for each individual <3 Thanks for sharing your story! It sure brought back the memories of last yr. Love & Light to you on your journey… xo


  10. Maria Erving says:

    Hi Nora,

    Thanks for sharing bits of your story as well, it’s always interesting to hear other people stories as well as everyone’s process is deeply personal and different.

    The understanding of what’s happening makes it easier to go through, because many times after the initial experience of awakening is followed by a process of literal grinding of the ego, and with continuous inner work we learn to know what has happened.

    (I’m sure you too can relate to the differences between your own experiences, and the knowingness and heightened awareness that followed).

    I didn’t know what it was when I had my first (that I can remember) awakening in my mid twenties.

    I mean I did know, and come to realize that “Wow, so this is how life REALLY is”, but after that shortly went back to my old ways of living (I’m a former drug addict) as it wasn’t a permanent awakening.

    This is something many people do, because the ego death that follows can be very, very disturbing, we are literally in the process of loosing our minds and if we’re not aware of what’s going on, and that it is all a part of a very fortunate blessing/gift of Grace, it can become very painful.

    The tendency to go back to the former lifestyle and ways of being becomes a way out because we find familiarity there and that is something we know, whereas continuing on the path of not-knowing what to do or where to go as the mind is no longer in the driving seat becomes too difficult for the mind (The ego).

    At that time in my life I didn’t know it was possible that it could be permanent, I just thought it was another one of my spiritual experiences that I had always had since I was a child, only a “big one” so to speak.

    I had no conceptual knowing of what happened to me at all, I had no clue about Advaita at that point in my life although I was a spiritual person and have always been.

    We usually still have some ego to burn off after the initial awakening, but then again, some people stay in the realization from day one so to speak, but that happens rarely as we all have a conditioned mind, all our personal opinions and beliefs to relinquish for the sake of Truth.

    Even though we come to know the world is an illusion and that we ourselves are an illusion in our separateness, the ‘old self” (the false self) will not give up it’s existence easily, hence the expression ego death, or “Dark Night of the Soul”.

    After that particular happening when I experienced similar things you described too; I was literally crawling on the ground completely amazed by the pure beauty of everything, every little insect and leaf and branch was the most amazing thing I had ever seen in my life:-)

    I also lost control in my body/legs and couldn’t walk. (This happened suddenly when I was walking in a park where the experience of awakening happened).

    I can see now in retrospect how events unfolded after that with more clarity and how my life took a new direction from then on.

    There’s definitely a “before and after”-feel to how my life changed, every experience leading to more and more Truth and to living from that space, and also with that more and more hellish processes of the ego death.

    The more light we realize, the more of the conditioned mind (ego) resists it with all it might, because the moment we realize ourselves, that’s the moment the mind and ego looses it’s significantly and importance, and it means it will die. (The ego)

    There’s pure, indescribable Bliss and there’s the equivalent of that on the other side of the scale as well in the process, and not until we can completely surrender to it will there be the ‘Peace that passteh all understanding’.

    That is the solution to all struggle and strive for every single one of us, and it’s also the most difficult thing for humans to do: to surrender to the higher power/God/Source/Life and let it have its (awesome) way with us!

    And what a journey it is, isn’t it! 🙂


    “We are not our minds, and should not be trusting it that much, it’s basically a social product which makes its decisions based on the past and its experiences.

    Concepts are nothing but opinions and beliefs, and most of all: They are merely Pointers to Truth. Nothing on thought-level is True. Truth comes forth in silence of the mind”. ~Maria Erving

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