“Show me the Truth”


I have read that Oprah was born in poverty, and that, that life was all she saw, but when she started to read books her perspective changed and she realized that there is a world outside where she lived and that great things were possible. And look at her now. She answered the call of Spirit, she said ‘Yes’ to her Soul.

Throughout the years I have read a lot of biographies, watched numerous interviews and movies about successful people in the world, and every single one of them had a different way of thinking than the masses. They knew there was more to life than what they could see with their physical eyes, they believed in themselves, and many, if not most of them, visualized a great future for themselves. They all wanted more out of life than the average person.

Wherever you might be in your evolution, wherever you may live in the world; if you want to have some sort of change in your life, you have to shift your focus from looking at what is, to what will be. Don’t let yourself be distracted by “reality” and instead ask God to show you what is REAL.

There is a deeper realm of being that is beyond what we perceive with our senses; much more to life than what we see and hear with our senses. Tune into that, even if you can’t feel it yet, even if you have no idea how it looks like, just know it’s there, within you and keep asking your soul to reveal that which is real and true in your existence. Ask God to show you the truth in your life and you will experience it. Remember, Spirit is patiently waiting for you to take the first step, just sitting there, lovingly letting you use your free will to make whatever choices you want with your life. Never judging, and always ready for your move towards it.

~Ask/tell God/Source: “Show me what’s real. Take me to Truth”

Spiritual Teacher Maria Erving

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When you’re in flow with yourself you live in harmony with the universe.


  1. Bonnie Silvia says:

    Hi Maria! I believe in the “higher power” and more than what we percieve as reality. After reading your post I wonder if it is that simple to all. So many define GOD in different ways. Some call that power “The Universe” and say that you will be rewarded if you tap into submission and action. I appreciate your advice to tune in even if you can’t feel it and focus on the better future you envision. It is the distraction of “reality” and how the power is used by others that sometimes gets in the way. Keep up the positive energy! Bonnie

  2. Maria Erving says:

    Thank you Bonnie! 🙂 I appreciate that 🙂

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.