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Healing can be enormously helpful in the awakening process.

My next distant group healing session is on February 11th, which is also the day of the full moon lunar eclipse, and the theme will be on easing the process of awakening.

My main focus will be on smoothing out the process wherever you find yourself in it by helping you to the next phase.

Many people are stuck somewhere in the process because of the unawareness of what they are going through or they feel stagnated and don’t know what to do next in order to move forward.

Awakening can happen to anyone, at any time.

I have had clients in all ages and from all walks of life throughout the years.

People with a higher education but also young people who have just started out on their academic path but have had their personal will vanished to the point where they simply can’t study anymore.

Even if they previously have been very ambitious and goal-oriented!

I have talked with parents and husbands/wives who are suddenly feeling completely alienated and emotionally detached from their family and partners whom they previously lived for and loved more than anything else.

I’ve had clients who have had mind-blowing spiritual awakening experiences (which is not the same as the awakening itself) when they suddenly see everything clearly but are then again forcefully pulled back into the life that they know is not true (back to ego).

I’ve had people contacting me because their lives are falling apart in all areas (careers, friends, everything falling away) and there’s seems to be nothing they can do.

No matter what they try and no matter how hard they fight and struggle in order to keep their life intact and ‘working’.

I could go on and on.

There really is no one more inclined to a spiritual awakening than another.

It’s a ruthless process and it doesn’t matter who you are.

If you’re rich or broke, famous or unknown, young or old, whatever – it does not matter one bit.

Even people with no spiritual background at all are thrown head first into the fire of the spiritual awakening process.

Whoever they are, they quickly discover that the process is not some new age ideology where everything is ‘light and love’!

It’s a process about undoing, unbecoming; unraveling who you think you are and what life is.

If you’re in the midst of some kind of version of the things I have just mentioned, if you can recognize yourself in any of it, then join in on this distant healing session with me.

The focus will be on opening up the next step or phase in your process whether it’s about getting a deeper understanding of it, or a new direction towards what the next action step is for you to take.

It’s a healing session that is meant to help smooth and ease the way forward from where you are at the moment in your spiritual awakening process.


The distant group healing “Spiritual Awakening Healing Support” is held on February 11th (a Saturday), at 6 PM CET/9 AM PST/noon EST.

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spiritual awakening healing support

Join in on my next distant group healing session “Spiritual Awakening Healing Support” (Click on image).

Spiritual Teacher Maria Erving

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Healing helps you get aligned with the Truth of your being, with the Flow of Life. 

When you’re in flow with yourself you live in harmony with the universe.

It's the most fulfilling and rewarding life you can ever have.

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.