A Spiritual Awakening Experience Is Not An Arrival; Life Will Still Go On (Part 3/3)


Spiritual awakening means that consciousness comes to experience itself as you, it’s not as if you are experiencing life through the awakening. (It’s Life waking up to itself).

In the process of awakening you come to realize that Life is right now (and you are It), it’s in the present moment, eternally here and now, and there’s nothing wrong with it. It may not be “right” either; it is simply allowed to be, and every step is a new fresh discovery…

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Instead of making your own assumptions of any situation, you begin to ask; “why did I see this, what is its message?”

You see that what’s in front of you is a call for some kind of action (not merely a REaction), you are willing to see things in a different way, and you are open to clarity and taking a stand, you don’t see the point in complaining and moaning about it.

You may even become a fierce activist of some kind, but you don’t come from a place of victim-hood and aggravation, you’re just simply responding to the call because it touched a deep place within your heart.

Example; something upsets you, maybe you see a program on TV about abused dogs, puppy mills and things like that. It’s horrifying, yes, you may even cry – that is a normal human reaction when seeing cruelty, but you don’t then stop there in that feeling (dwelling and marinading yourself in it) and take it to the world without investigating the deeper truth.

You look beyond your human reactions and you take a stand; you decide to come from a place of love, so you decide to never buy a puppy from a pet-store perhaps, or you may even start raising money to save puppies from that kind of destiny. That’s the call.

And you only do something if it resonates with your heart. You don’t do it because you want to see yourself a s some kind of savior, or simply because you think it’s wrong; that only creates wars and other negativity. Us against them-mentality.

Instead, you come from a place of Love.

Consciousness comes to experience itself as you, it’s not as if you are experiencing life through the awakening.

This cannot be learned, imitated or copied form another, it has to be directly experienced.

The spiritualized ego wants so badly to be a good and nice person, a lovable person, someone that others like and think is spiritual and helpful towards mankind and all living creatures. It likes carrying a badge that says; “I’m a kind person who helps the world”.

You, as in the person, don’t have to seek out and figure out how the spiritual awakening is going to be deepened, and how Life is going to express itself through you, and the more truthful you are with your own process, the more sincere you are, the more you throw yourself into it with out any agendas of yours own, the more freedom will you experience.

There’s more clarity, more creativity and something just open up and flows through you that is not you. There’s not a person there, yet there is. The paradox is beautiful.

Perception is getting refined and clearer, there’s expansion, clearer understanding, exquisite beauty that you haven’t seen before, wonder and awe.

This is when you realize that you can throw away your attempts to attain some kind of enlightenment and simply surrender to life.

You come to realize that the less you there is, the more of God there can be.

It’s no longer You who change the world, but God working through you, not to fix or heal, but to realize and discover the wholeness that is already here. You see that everything is connected  and you don’t make any of it as being ‘wrong’, even if the human-ness in you is horrified, you are able to see the larger context of it all.

The idea of “me” is what brings trouble, and you can see that now; that it’s all thoughts suffering from other thoughts and nothing more.

It’s from the unchangeable stillness everything springs, that’s the source, that’s where the movement of life comes from, and you go with it. You don’t dwell there, you move from there.

You don’t indulge in feelings, you simply notice them and act accordingly if the calling is there to do something.

From there all things are allowed to happen, because the One is where it all comes from in the first place.

So instead of trying to get the spiritual awakening experience back, and instead of trying to purify yourself, or chanting mantras a an attempt to train or sooth your mind into a sense of controlling it, let it all go.

There’s a beautiful short prayer that I love, I can’t remember who said it but it goes like this:

God; replace me with you.

Even surrender the surrenderer.

“I leave my human life to unfold according to it’s destiny – I remain as I AM” ~Ramana Maharshi

Live life Now; “don’t delay the happy”, as I recently heard someone say in one of my at the moment favorite TV shows, “The Big C”.

I don’t mean that in a new-age/personal growth-way as in “always be happy, never be unhappy again”; what I mean is, don’t take everything so damn serious, enjoy this moment because it is all we have essentially. Life is Now.

No one knows what tomorrow brings or which way the wind will blow.

If you haven’t seen The Big C, it’s about a woman that is dying in cancer so she learns to live fully before she dies. Google it, it’s a great TV series.

Don’t seek for enlightenment as much as seeing clearly how you are preventing the awakening from being awake right now with all the egos attempts to get something that you already are.

Who knows what will happen, no one does. Live now, stay open to sudden changes that life brings, maybe what you thought you would spend your whole life doing is actually not for you at all. Stay open and let go of all expectations and goals of attaining anything.

Live Now.

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