Stillness Is The Greatest Teacher


These past weeks has been hugely transformative for me, I’m so completely changed since I last wrote and in many ways I have difficulties to even describe what has been happening. (Not that I have the urge to explain it either at this point).

I’m just in a very different place and I feel as I’m bursting with love.

So many revelations has come to me lately, simple and profound truths that is so obvious I’m amazed how obvious they are; we can know something and we can also know it beyond conceptual knowing, even though we thought we knew it before.

The simplest truths that has made me burst into tears of joy, I have not been able to hold back, nor have I felt the need to in any way protect myself from what others may think if they would have seen me as these revelations have at times come suddenly when I have been out walking etc  🙂

Other realizations has come to me with sudden recognition of my transformation, like for example someone I talked with a while ago said something like “you have faith, something will come up” (regarding my financial situation, which I’m btw not worried about at all) and I couldn’t relate to that; in that moment I realized that I don’t have faith, I am that.

I am that faith, I can’t feel any difference between having and being anymore.

I have had periods like this before (or, experiences) and it has nothing to do with finding anything, or attaining/gaining something – my faith and trust was firmly in place before these experiences too – but to become (or be) something and possess it are two very different experiences.

I would say that this time it’s much deeper and more profound, the experience is more “permanent” now, more clear and constant.

Anyways, besides from me just wanting to say ‘hi’ today as I haven’t written in a while, I also have a message that I feel drawn to share (it’s really a reminder), and it’s very simple yet very profound:

Stillness is the greatest teacher.

All insights and truth comes from that space and cannot be found in any books or teachings, nor can they be manufactured or created by mind.

Teachings and books etc can be very helpful, absolutely, but ultimately, by laying all those things down and turning within completely will that which is true within us make itself known.

As much as we ask Life/God/Truth to revel itself or help us see clearly and all the other questions we have (important existential questions, not the begging and pleading nonsense to ‘get things’), as much time we spend asking (or, praying), should we spend in actually listening and being open and receptive to what is revealed to us.

Silent walks in nature – time off of the Internet and TV – spending time alone, away from friends and family – all those things done with the sincere intention to really listen, is what brings the truth of our nature to our consciousness.

Truth meets itself in silence.



This picture is taken from where I live, a lake nearby where I walk and meditate pretty much everyday, it’s a very serene and peaceful place 🙂

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.