Trust The Voice Within


It will never lead you wrong, and it doesn’t matter how ego tries to convince you that it’s dangerous to listen to it because in the ego’s mind (which is only our own distorted picture of who we think we are) it makes no sense, while for the Holy Spirit, who knows everything about you reveals the path for you one step at a time.

We don’t need to know the whole journey in advance.

It’s a process of learning how to walk in total faith, listening, and let yourself be led and guided by the voice within, to be still and hear the Holy Spirit speak to you in the language of feelings.

If something feels kind of “off”, or you feel doubt about something, trust it! Your intuition is always leading you along the path that brings you your highest good. It’s the path of freedom and joy, purpose and utter peace.

If you are in doubt about something; wait and ask for guidance before you make a decision. And when something feels “YEY! I would to LOVE to do that!” then go with it, even if ego tells you that you are not suppose to have fun now or whatever. Spirit always brings Joy, be sure of that.

And you are here to be joyful, to enjoy life and all the goodies that comes with it 🙂

Every morning when I wake up, I ask God:

  • What would you have me to do today?
  • What would you want me to write about today?
  • Where would you want me to go?
  • What would you want me to say today, and to whom?

And then I listen for the voice within, the voice of the Holy Spirit, and I go about my day, knowing that the hand of God is with me in all that I do and wherever I go.

It’s a very nice place to be in 🙂

I invite you to take a few minutes now and ask your inner self;

“What is it that I need to know now in order to grow beyond that which I was a minute ago? (When telling your mind it was a minute ago it implies that you have made some sort of progress, thus; you have, it confuses the mind (NLP), and;

“What is important for me to know about my life right Now, and how can I move forward?”

And then listen, be attentive to the signs and people that are now drawn to you.

We always get answers when we ask. Always.

Spiritual Teacher Maria Erving

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  1. It’s so true that as we open each door, a new door appears in front of us. The path presents itself and all we need to achieve our highest purpose in each and every moment is laid out in front of us. I’m realizing more and more lately that there is no need for me to set goals or create master plans or think about what my future will bring. Seems it might be better to ask for inspiration, see it, grasp it, and ACT.

    Thanks so much for a timely post. 🙂

  2. Maria Erving says:


    And thank you for commenting my post–
    I love that 🙂

    I love this Oprah quote:

    “What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine” 😀

  3. […] Trust your intuition, it will not lead you wrong. Even if we can’t see where it leads right now, it will lead you right in the end. […]

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.