Trust Your Vibes


Our intuition always and constantly communicates with us and guides us to our higher good.

Trust the first gut feeling you get from a person you’re introduced to without judging them before you know them. Just be aware and cautious.

And if your vibes tell you to stay away, trust them.

The mind will at first rationalize and use logic to push the intuitive feelings aside, and if you chose to ignore your vibes, you will in some way end up suffering.

We don’t have to understand why we feel this feeling of something being off.

When I feel it myself, I simply trust it and remove myself from the person or situation – I don’t have to know the reason at all.

It doesn’t have to be anything dramatic about it at all, nothing have to be wrong with the other person or anything; you’re just not a good match – end of story, now move on. No need to start making up stories and fantasies about anything, just walk away and let it go.

So many times people don’t trust their hunches about others and they either try to talk themselves out of the gut feelings, and they convince themselves that they are wrong – until they have gone to far into the relationship or situation and they are about to get hurt somehow, or dragged down to a negative place of some kind.

Immediately when something feels off; walk away. Trust yourself.

The vibes are there to guide us through life, to warn us of potential crisis and difficulties, they let us know where to go and who to talk to, where not to go and who to stay away from.

It’s important to realize that we don’t have to know why we are lead in a specific direction, and actually, the more we try to make sense of it, the more we try to understand why, the more we confuse ourselves and thus it gets easier for the mind to talk itself out of the inner truth that speaks to us in the silent language of intuitive feelings.

It doesn’t explain itself, it rarely if ever give us reasons or any of those kinds of things, so the faster you can accept the intuitive feeling you get as truth and immediately welcome it and say yes to it, the faster you get away from that which is not ultimately for your highest good.

Saying a quiet thank you and yes in your heart while moving in the direction your vibes are guiding you will keep you on the “right path”, so relinquish the need to get a logical reason behind your choice, and just go with it.

The heart doesn’t explain itself. (And you don’t have to explain anything to anyone either).

It’s a silent wisdom that whispers “go this way, not that”, while the ego says “walk this way, because of this or that”.

It always has some kind of reasoning behind it’s direction, while when following the heart, the reason often becomes obvious after the actual event or situation is over.

Trust your vibes. Our intuition will never lead us astray.

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When you’re in flow with life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe. This is true oneness.