Thinking of Creating a Membership Site? Wishlist Member May Be What You Need!


Looking for a membership site plugin for your website?

That’s GREAT!I have one I can recommend as I have just purchased my own license and are in the process of building a membership site myself.

Membership sites are really popular at the moment, and what I can say after have done a LOT of research on the topic, I have found out that the best membership site software out there is Wishlist member.

Just do some Google research yourself if you are unsure, but I can assure you that this particular software/plugin have got stellar reviews all over the place.

After I had done my research I just recently purchased the plugin to my WordPress site and and are at the moment (December 2011) working with implementing it to my own site and I can honestly say that I love what I have learned so far – I can really recommend the Wishlist member plugin.

More info here:

Wishlist Membership Site Plugin for WordPress


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