Hi! I'm Maria,

I work with people worldwide to help them get in alignment with the flow of Life.

Alignment is when you move with the energy of that which is most authentic and most alive. It's the most inspiring and empowering way to live.

To do that we are all called to go deeper than our surface minds and conditioned ways of being and release our fears and blockages and let them dissolve in the energy of Truth.

Getting back in alignment with the driving force behind your life enhances every area of your life and allows you to live with a sense of clear direction, freedom, inner calm, joy, and confidence.


Shift to a higher level of living and fulfillment

  • Elevate your life by aligning yourself with the flow of the universe and begin living with a sense of freedom, clear direction, inner calm, joy, and confidence. We’ll focus on any aspects of your life that are important to you and how to move forward from here. Whether you feel off track, are in a transitional phase in life, or wanting to get on a new path that is more right for you, or you just want clarity on how to move beyond an obstacle or challenge you might be in the midst of, you can count on me to help you. You'll be able to move forward, freed from the past/old and with a newfound sense of clarity, feeling empowered, on purpose, and being deeply connected to yourself and life.

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From The Blog

  • Alignment = Manifestation

    Surrender is the Key to manifestation. You’ll have the most amazing manifestations when you just relax and let go. Letting go of control allows for things to fall into place. Don’t struggle against the flow. Allow for the free-flowing process of intertwining synchronicities to unfold. Let Life take over completely and watch miracles happen!

  • Live without guilt: Find out what works for YOU

    Literally anything in life can be twisted and made “wrong” and many people also live with an unhealthy sense of obligation and feeling of not being good or perfect enough. Life is too short to be obsessed with the rightness or wrongness of everything, or to be obsessed with justifying or over-analyzing every little action.

  • Disengage from the Game of the Ego and Follow the Flow of your Soul

    Disengage from the game of the ego and get aligned with the flow of Life! The inner always becomes the outer and in this moment you can choose to step into and literally become your future self and then watch your life mold itself in harmony with your new vibrational frequency.

  • How the Universe speaks to us (15 ways)

    Here’s 15 ways in which the Universe speaks to us that you can begin to hone into, and as you do that, it will make a huge difference in your life and improve your life in so many positive ways you can’t even imagine! Synchronicity and signs can become part of your everyday life.