Hi! I'm Maria,

I'm a Transformational Teacher and Energy Healer.

So many people are suffering and experiencing disharmony and dissatisfaction in their lives because they live out of sync with themselves and Life.

Getting back in alignment with the driving force behind your life enhances every area of your life and allows you to live with a sense of connection, freedom, inner calm and confidence.

Our natural state is to feel deeply connected and in love with life, and the more you live in alignment, the more meaningful and rich your life becomes.

To do that we are called to go deeper than our surface minds and conditioned ways of being and release our fears and blockages and let them dissolve in the Truth of who we really are.

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  • Have life-changing shifts in your consciousness, energy and life. Struggle and suffering comes from being out of alignment with the truth of your being. Freedom, inner calm and confidence comes from moving into a perspective beyond your limited self and into a place of alignment and collaboration with the flow of Life.

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What Others Are Saying

  • I don’t know if I make sense, but all I can say is that I feel blissful. And I can’t thank you enough for that. I don’t know exactly how you managed this, but you have really made a difference in how my mind works. – Silvia, Marbella, Spain

  • I can’t put into words how much you have helped me. I couldn’t have kept it all together had I not experienced a PROFOUND shift during and after my session with you.

  • Maria, what I’ve learned through you is beyond priceless! You are truly a gift to us all! I can’t even begin to express how much I have gained internally after my session with you. You have been an instrument of peace in my life. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. – Owen, USA

  • This feeling of peace and freedom is priceless. Maria is beyond amazing. Had I not experienced it myself, I would probably not believe it. I recommend anyone who is trying hard to be truly free and really start walking down the path of self fulfillment and happiness to book a session with her.

  • I certainly did not expect this, l have had periods of such intense joy and bliss, Love with an underlying peace that’s been consistent. l don’t understand it intellectually but my heart see’s it clearly. I feel a true sense of connection and being rooted within and there is just an openness and trust, and a sense of wonder and amazement. I am truly grateful, Thank you. Sincerely, – Mark Neely, Allentown, Pennsylvania, USA

  • I don’t really know where to start. I find myself at a loss for words. All I can say to you is Thank You. This was unlike any healing session that I have ever been in and I say that from the bottom of my skeptical, over analytical heart who had literally tried every cure one could think of. I cannot recommend you enough to other people, you are a gift. I also cannot believe what you were able to achieve in one session, to me it is groundbreaking. Thank you!!! – Rosie Bebawi, Marbella, Spain

From The Blog

  • Don’t let unforgiveness poison your life

    You might feel resistance from the ego who does not want the healing or forgiveness because it wants to hold on to the grudge, the hurt, and the pain, but forgive anyway. Many times the resistance from the ego is a clear indication that you’re on to something good so pay attention to when that happens. When the ego doesn’t want to do something you can rest assured that it’s exactly what your soul wants, and when you have the awareness, you also have choice.

  • 3 steps to instantly liberate yourself from victim mentality, self-pity and hopelessness

    You can live your life as a free and happy human being – It just takes a bit of effort at first but when you begin implementing and working with these three steps, your life will quickly begin to shift for the better. Your mood will begin to lift (literally instantly) and your mind will become clearer and quieter and start working like it’s meant to work, which is for you, rather than against you.

  • Regressing back to ego consciousness

    Reverting back to the old self, or the ego self and old habits and ways, is very common in any transformational process. The reverting back to the old happens because the mind is not yet established in the new level of consciousness, that’s all. It’s just the ego, or the former ‘you’, doing its little dance before it realizes it is no longer going to be your predominant state of being.

  • NEW: Membership site Price Change

    I have reduced the monthly recurring membership site price from $67 to $27! As a member you get instant access to ALL content on the website; Over 1000 articles/posts that I’ve published since 2009, including all my old audio recordings and e-books, as well as unlimited use of Ask Maria where you can submit questions and topic requests for articles.