Hi! I'm Maria,

I'm dedicated to liberating and elevating human consciousness on a global level.

So many people are suffering and experiencing disharmony and dissatisfaction in their lives because they live out of sync with themselves and Life.

Getting back in alignment with the driving force behind your life enhances every area of your life and allows you to live with a sense of connection, freedom, inner calm and confidence.

Our natural state is to feel deeply connected and in love with life, and the more you live in alignment, the more meaningful and rich your life becomes.

To do that we are called to go deeper than our surface minds and conditioned ways of being and release our fears and blockages and let them dissolve in the Truth of who we really are.

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  • When you get in alignment you will have every area of your life completely change and transform for the better. Your relationships (with everything in life), your sense of aliveness, well-being, freedom and inner peace, everything shifts for the better as you open to a higher level of consciousness and awareness.

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From The Blog

  • Break free from the ego voice in your head

    How is the inner voice of the false self speaking to you and how do you respond to it? Are you argumentative, challenging, or submissive? Becoming aware of the voice and your response to it will help you dis-identify from it. There’s no need to allow it to affect you in negative ways anymore. Here’s how you can begin to free yourself from the ego voice in your head.

  • Walk and Talk – Transformational Coaching in Nature

    Come Walk and Talk with me in the beautiful Andalucian mountains. I love nature, I love walking, and I love talking with my clients, so to combine those aspects of my life and my work, I’ve taken my sessions outdoors now as well! The open air environment is perfect for deep, life-changing conversations and helps the brain and mind to think, process and communicate openly and freely.

  • When you’re gone, what will people remember you for?

    How will people remember you after you die? How do you want to remember yourself? I hope you can say that you had the courage to walk in your truth, to chase after the right things, that you were bold. And I hope you laughed a lot, and that you loved your life, and that you loved, period… Especially yourself. And that you created good memories of yourself and your life that others will remember too.

  • Living in Alignment with your Values and Intentions

    We always act in accordance to what is most important to us, and what is most important to us is what we truly value, which might not always be what we ‘think’ it is. When you’re clear about your values and your intention with everything you do, you’re always going to remain aligned with the truth of who you really are and the flow of your true life’s energy.