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How To Meditate

For the ego stillness is threatening, it frightens the ego-mind because to turn off the noise and distractions in our life and meditate means we actually have to sit with ourselves – our true self, and the more we do that, the more the false self is revealed and seen through. That’s how we move from being in our heads into our hearts, and from there a much more peaceful, inspired and creative life can unfold.

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When we grow and evolve, our relationship dynamics changes too

A lot of people experience challenges in their relationships when their friends/partner/spouse is not growing with them. Many people feel very alone in their relationships because of this. The reality is that when you grow, your relationship dynamics will change. Hopefully they transform into something better than what you’ve had before.

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Self-Awareness Articles

With the ego you move slow (or not at all/you stay on one level of consciousness) and life seem full of struggle, but when you choose to go with the flow, you’ll continuously progress and grow. Self-awareness is the key to progress and continuous growth in life. Here’s some of my articles that can help you increase your self-awareness.

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