The Power of Aligned Thought

The Power of Aligned Thought

~How The Mind Works And how To Use It~

New Special Report E-book written by published author Maria Erving!

It’s a great pleasure for me to present to you this e-book – it contains everything you need to know in order to be able to change your life for the better. Everything is presented to you in a nutshell format so that you can easily get an understanding of how the mind works and how to put it to GOOD use immediately!

You will learn exactly how to use the power of thoughts and feelings to create a life for yourself where you can feel free from restrictions and bondage of the ego; or the fearful mind.

In this book I will cover these topics:
• The conscious, subconscious and super-conscious mind – what they are, and what function they have.

• How they communicate with each other.

• Learn about the different kind of brainwaves; Beta, Alpha, Theta and Delta, and how being in an altered state can help us attract that which we consider to be great and wonderful.

• Learn about how the law of attraction fits into this picture.

• Learn how to clean up the subconscious mind and how to instill new empowering beliefs.

• Learn how to re-program your mind and get it to work for you and not against you.

• How to get access to the infinite field of potential where all things are possible.

• How to open the doors to the different states of mind.

• How to use our thoughts and feelings to create a life that we can live on our own terms!

~How to create a life that is filled with joy and a great sense of freedom!

This special report e-book is really a manual for how to connect with our inner power that can help us do ANYTHING!

When our thoughts are aligned with the thoughts of the universal mind all things are possible; therein lay The Power of Aligned Thought! This e-book shows you how to do that.

In addition to the e-book you get a Ernest Holmes Book Collection for free that allows you to go even deeper in the knowledge and science of mind if you wish! (The collection contains four e-books)

NOTE: My e-book is NOT a review or summary of Ernest Holmes work. I just happen to love his work, and that is the only reason I added his book collection as a bonus; to share it with you just because 🙂

All you need to know about how to use your mind for your highest good is in this special report e-book that I have had such joy in writing for you – and the Ernest Holmes Book Collection is a bonus for you when you purchase the book “The Power of Aligned Thought – How The Mind Works and How To Use It”! ($19.95) (opens in new window)

Enjoy your read!

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  1. hassan

    I have just read The “Power of aligned tought” and I think it’s the first ebook that has simplified with an extraordinary manner the functions of our very subtle Mind. Now Everything becomes easy and clear for everyone, the Conscious, the Subconscious, the Superconscious, are now the subtles tools for finally create our destiny as we dreames it. Thank you, for this ingenious tool : “The Power of aligned thought”.

  2. I just read Maria Erving’s new eBook “The Power of Aligned Thought…” I am really impressed by the amount of information packed into this eBook. The eBook is a great read…easy to understand…and flows naturally. At the end of the book, the reader feels like there is a clear understanding of how the mind works…but also how to program the mind (and why it works). If you want a concise read that shows you with great text, diagrams, and charts how to reach the Power of Aligned Thought…you will want to get this eBook. Thanks, Maria for creating a wonderful work. Sheri Kaye Hoff, MA, CGCL, Life Coach, Author, College Professor

  3. Tania Boutin

    “Maria’s newest ebook “ The Power of Aligned Thoughts” is extremely informative and intriguing. The dynamics of the book is quite exceptional , well laid out, and easily understood by everyone. The mind can be complex to comprehend but the way Maria explains it in detail with examples and tools on how to progress the power of your thinking to a more positive outcome is quite brilliant. If you want to learn how to bring your thinking to a place of great significance, this is the book for you! ”

    ~Tania Boutin,
    Certified Life Transformation Coach

  4. Mikael Carlsén

    In her book, Maria focus on how we can change accustomed pattern of thoughts and how we should focus our thoughts in order to achieve our goals in life.
    Many “aha” experiences appears through this 34 pages of “vitamin injection” such as how we are shaped as children with thoughts of our parents and how these ideas are carried through life,
    and above all the most important thing, that it is possible to break the negative thoughts if we want!
    Much of the book was new to me, and it made me definitely an eye-opener and a moment to collect my thoughts!
    Anyone who has feelings and thoughts, i.e all human beings (!) could get something out of this book, no matter what attitude you have to life.

    Br Mikael

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