Spiritual awakening vs law of attraction

“We are not in control once we are in the awakening process” vs Law of Attraction and Creating our Reality – What is actually true?

“Hi Maria, I would love to get your thoughts on more contradictory topics like these: “We are not in control once we are in the awakening process” (nor were we ever, so the illusion of control bubble gets burst) vs Law of Attraction and choosing to actively create our reality – but we are not in control?” — Are we in control, or not? Do we have any control? Are we able to create reality? Read my reply in this article. I also share about the power of belief and what the secret to life is that most people are not aware of but which actually is part of our divinity that we are meant to use in positive and self-empowering ways.

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The “New Order” Awakening Process

“With all the massive shifts and changes happening globally right now, in your line of work what sort of patterns or similarities have you noticed amongst the masses? Everything recently started to feel very different, and I don’t know what to expect anymore in life, not in a negative way, but just very very different. As you talk to many people you might have noticed interesting patterns of change in the ‘new order’.” Read my reply in this article: The awakening process is more slow and gradual when it comes to the global level, and more rapid when it comes to the individual level, that’s why many people feel so alone and alienated in their process.

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A New Level of Awakening: Love Your Ego

The next level of awakening is when the ego becomes the servant of your soul and surrenders into service to You. This is when the whole of you is integrated and you have fully come into yourself. You are now grounded and fully embodied in your human and divine self, as One. This is true Oneness – it has nothing to do with getting rid of parts of yourself, but in bringing everything together, from a place of love. Awakening to this is what finally sets you free to become who you were always meant to be.

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