Change your beliefs, change your life

What’s between you and a better life is merely a BELIEF

Life unfolds from within our own consciousness and belief is the glue that holds it all together, but when you “unglue” a (limiting) belief and release it from your mind, you are liberated from it and left with pure consciousness, which is your true nature. All manifestations in life comes when you KNOW it’s there, and you can ‘unknow’ something in exchange for knowing Truth. You have always held the power to direct the unfolding of your life. When the inner mind has been changed then the outer effects will change accordingly, that’s the absolute law of consciousness.

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All Beliefs Are Equally False

Children give Santa life by imagination, that’s pretty obvious and we can all see that, but look a bit further and you’ll see how millions of people all over the…

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Challenge Your Beliefs About God

How is your relationship with that which you call God? Beliefs become crutches that hinders our true nature from flowing freely and if we never dare to question them we…

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