How to communicate with God

How to talk to God (Receive Divine Guidance)

“How to connect and communicate with God?” A question I get often is about how to communicate with God, or the Universe, higher self, Source, or whatever you want to call it. I’ve shared about this a lot here on the website as it’s the way I live my life. I’m in constant communication with God, so below are some of my articles that came to mind that will be helpful to anyone looking to connect more deeply with that which they call “god” and receive guidance and help regarding anything that is going on in their life. But not only that, but for the wonderful relationship talking with God builds!

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Surrender to the flow of Life (Let the Divine take over)

Living in alignment with the flow of Life brings happiness and freedom. If you have any worries or fears at all or other blockages, even if they are unknown to you; Let everything go to the higher intelligence within you. Give everything over. When you let go you will with absolute certainty

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Let the Divine take over everything (Surrender Prayer)

This prayer meditation can change the trajectory of your life if you do it with sincerity and utter surrender, and the immediate results you will feel from this is peace, joy and love, and a deep sense of connectedness with the Divine. Powerful surrender prayer:

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