How to take back the ownership of your mind

How to Take Charge of the Ego Voice in Your Head (2/2)

Worry will not help pay your bills and stress in your body will not help your healing. Fear of rejection will not help create loving and healthy relationships. Doubt about your abilities to create a wonderful career for yourself is not going to help you move forward with your dreams. You get the point. Words, the things we say to ourselves and others, they carry power, creative power, and they are fueled with our feelings and emotions, – But we all have the power to conquer all doubts, fears and negativity by challenging every negative, limiting thought in our head. In this two-part article series I’ll share exactly how to do that.

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Break free from the ego voice in your head

How is the inner voice of the false self speaking to you and how do you respond to it? Are you argumentative, challenging, or submissive? Becoming aware of the voice and your response to it will help you dis-identify from it. There’s no need to allow it to affect you in negative ways anymore. Here’s how you can begin to free yourself from the ego voice in your head.

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The Ego Wants to Keep You in a State of Fear and Worry

We’re here for a relatively short time, so I really encourage everyone to completely release fear from your life, set yourself free from it. It’s the main thing that disconnects us from alignment with Truth. Once you know who you are you will have peace, you will have the kind of peace that no one, no situation, no person, no nothing, can take away from you. So don’t hesitate looking fear straight in the face because in Reality, it has nothing to come with and it’s not able to pull you in and make you suffer anymore once you have seen through it.

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