When you don't know what to do

You are Always Succeeding in Life (Move from Fear to Flow)

It can be extremely uncomfortable to suddenly be in the complete Unknown where nothing seems to happen, but it’s actually a very potent place to be – as long as you stay with and in the realm of possibility. You can allow your mind to go in the direction of possible failure and loss, or you can go in the direction of the Unknown, which has an infinite number of possibilities. Choose to move from fear to flow and live in the realm of possibility!

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Don’t let fear get to you: Take Charge of Yourself

Meet fear and worry head-on, don’t shy away from it, get to the bottom of it, and by doing this you will become free from it and be able to live as you’re meant to; free from the fears and worries of the false self and the ways it operates in your life. In reality it really has nothing on you, and you will realize this as you overcome and trancend it.

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