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Living in Alignment with your Values and Intentions

We always act in accordance to what is most important to us, and what is most important to us is what we truly value, which might not always be what we ‘think’ it is. When you’re clear about your values and your intention with everything you do, you’re always going to remain aligned with the truth of who you really are and the flow of your true life’s energy.

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Choose to be in alignment with yourself and the flow of Life (4 questions)

Following your inner guidance is the fastest way to shift your vibration into alignment with the flow of Life. We have been trained to live out of alignment with the flow and to tolerate and settle for less than what our souls really want. Self-awareness is crucial, and so is being open to the flow of the universe and having the trust and willingness to adapt to its changing currents, which is the real meaning of “going with the flow”. Here’s 4 questions that will help you get back in alignment with yourself again.

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