Fear Nothing, move from lack and scarcity to Abundance

Ways to Move from Lack and Scarcity to Abundance Consciousness

Many people are embarking on new career paths right now that are more in alignment with what their soul actually wants, but a lot of people also have so much fear and worry around the financial aspect of things. The truth is though, that when you follow your intuition and calling, everything you need for the unfoldment and fulfillment of that calling is already contained in it, it’s all included in the package. Here’s how you can begin shifting the fear-based beliefs that keeps you limited and stifled in lack and scarcity consciousness.

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Why we experience lack and not enoughness

The feeling of not being enough is something every person on this planet can relate to as we’ve all felt inadequate and not good enough in some way or another, and we have all been in situations and circumstances where we have felt restricted and powerless. This article series explains why we feel that way and what we can do about it.

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Shifting from One Reality to Another

We only manifest what we feel is true, and feeling something as truth does not depend on facts, but on intensity of imagination and our state of mind and Being. In this article I share how you can shift your reality and feel more meaning and joy in your life. These are the best of times and also the worst of times depending on whether you’re in alignment or not. So many people are beating the drum of fear and dread while others are in awe of the magical unfolding of their dreams and desires. Which category do you belong to, and where do you want to go from here? How do you want your life to unfold? You can shift your reality!

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