"Let go" meditation by Maria Erving

“Let Go” Meditation

Take a few moments to tune in. Meditation is so powerful, even if it’s just for a few minutes every day. Sometimes to just to breathe and listen, or ask questions and receive answers or guidance, whatever it is you need. Meditation can also be used when visualizing, but to simply to sit in silence is wonderful too. Casting yourself into the silence and dwelling there for a little while, just breathing and being. Meditation also helps us get in touch with our intuition, so there’s no end to what it can do for you. I have just created a new guided meditation for you called “Let Go”.

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What meditation can do for you (Personal Stories)

Life molds and rearranges itself to what you’re connected to, and when you’re connected to your soul, life becomes magical. By turning within you’ll find everything you need. Whether it’s answers, solutions, ideas, inspiration, guidance, whatever it is; by going within you can receive everything you want. In this article I share a few of my own personal meditation stories to inspire you to develop your own psychic and intuitive abilities (and we all have them).

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