Free your mind, and the rest will follow

How to Stay Aligned and Get a Peaceful Mind

There is no need to struggle in life. When you get your mind right, the outside always falls into place too. Life’s natural tendency is always towards greater and greater measures of love, truth, beauty and abundance, and our job is to do the inner work and deprogram ourselves from that which is not true. Self-awareness and understanding your conditioning (ego) is the first step to leading your life as You, without resistance, confusion and pain. In this long article I’ll share how to have your mind lose its ability to make you unhappy.

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Partner up with your Higher Self (or Mind) and receive guidance

“How can you get guidance from your higher self?” In this article I’ll share how you can connect with and come into partnership with your higher mind, or higher Self. It’s always available to all of us and is eagerly waiting for you to work in partnership with it! When you work in alignment with your higher mind and have it as your trusted partner in life, you can expect every single area of your life to improve, and quickly too (and even magically and miraculously!)

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Life is a Mind Game

You have the choice to live in a reactive mode (in the prison of the ego) or you can live in a state of flow where you move through life responding and acting from the Spirit within you. Now is always the right time to change if you’re not happy with the results you’re getting in life.

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