Follow your happiness, do what makes you happy

Hold Back Nothing – Allow Yourself to Explore

“May you never be subservient. May you never fall prey to fitting in. May you always swirl in all the directions the sacred winds want to take you. May you never hush your laughter nor your tears. May you breathe without restriction. May you show up every single day to the calling that is you and may you always know the courage of your heart.” – Fig Ally
If Life is channeling something through you that can benefit others and you feel the hunch to do something, then don’t hesitate, see it as your sacred divine assignment to carry it out into the world.

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You can’t keep your old story alive and expect to live a happy life

You can’t become who you’re meant to be by keeping your old story and identity of being a victim alive in your mind. You have to create a new vision and steer your life towards something better that is in alignment with the higher calling for your existence. And the higher calling for your life is always bigger than the story you have about yourself and who you think you are.

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