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Powerful questions that will take you out of an unhealthy and imbalanced relationship

25 questions to ask yourself that will help you get out of a relationship that is imbalanced and not healthy for you. Many times the limiting beliefs that causes imbalance, codependency, and unhealthy relationship patterns etc has to do with self-abandonment. Abandoning yourself in order to stay connected, even if it’s toxic or unhealthy/imbalanced. But you are important, and you deserve love and respect. There’s plenty of fish out there, people who would be interested in you and where you don’t have to be anyone else but yourself and where you’re treated in a respectful and loving way.

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Powerful Questions that will Change Your Life

Questions are more powerful than you might think. Everything we think and do is pretty much generated by questions and they either push us into new, exciting territories or they keep us stuck in the past. To have a better life and future we have to ask the questions that lead towards improvement. Questions are what directs the mind and we direct the energy of where consciousness goes by the questions we ask. Either they stimulate the mind to think differently and deeper to find the best answers for us, or it just goes round in circles with itself.

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