Use self-awareness to see through the ego

Self-awareness will save you from having the ego running your life

If you in any way (any way!) feel dissatisfied or unfulfilled in your life, start identifying the different voices in your head that are preventing you from being who you really are and living the life you’re really meant to live. The voice of the ego is not your real voice, it is not you. It’s the voice of society, a society that is crazy and exist on a mediocre level – But the Real You is anything but mediocre! Self-awareness will awaken you from the lies that the world has told you about who you are.

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Why we experience lack and not enoughness

The feeling of not being enough is something every person on this planet can relate to as we’ve all felt inadequate and not good enough in some way or another, and we have all been in situations and circumstances where we have felt restricted and powerless. This article series explains why we feel that way and what we can do about it.

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