A New Way of Interacting is Being Born

In the process of spiritual awakening there comes a time when the interest in other people vanishes and interacting with others comes to a stop, and we spend more and more time in solitude and aloneness (not loneliness).

For the mind this can be very disturbing so to trust the process and not worry when the mind projects and imagines it all going to a ‘bad place’ is vital.

The ego is crumbling and with it goes all interactions and companions that are not in alignment with Spirit and sometimes that can even be people that we thought were close to us.

We lose interest in chit-chatting, noisy environments where there’s a lot of gossip and shallowness that only makes time pass basically and we feel that it’s toxic and unbearable to be in anymore. 

Someone that has been afraid of being alone, which many people are, and if not afraid they can get annoyed, agitated and restless when being alone – and when a spiritual awakening process begin for someone with those tendencies it may be a very difficult transition.

The interest in the world starts to lose its interest with an intensity that can be very frightening for the ego that is used to have people around them all the time. 

Suddenly Grace moves in and starts to thin out all things and situations and interactions that had no real value to begin with, or that we are done with and that has played out its part and now we’re pushed into emptying out and nothingness.

It will happen by itself and cannot be stopped once it has started.

It’s all Grace doing its thing – which is very fortunate!

It will put you in a space where you’ll be alone for a while, so say Yes to it, don’t run after people or experiences, it will only be a distraction to the process. 

A new way of interacting is being born that will be more satisfying than to just ‘hang out’ with others; it will be full of joy and real communion. 

They will feel alive and fulfilling, so let the emptying out happen by itself, make use of this part of the process by trusting it and by taking that space to be by yourself and be open and receptive to the next move, which will be all up to Grace.

Simply say Yes to it all.

Trust that new people (new friends) will come into your life when you have let go of the ones you have outgrown. 

early spring

(Click on image to see larger) It’s early spring here now and I was out yesterday taking some pics to show you, but it’s still very early and a time when everything is kind of grey and muddy, so I look forward to post some pics for you soon when the flowers start to come up and the grass gets green and the trees too:) This pic is from the lake nearby where I live (the same lake that I have as my Facebook cover image).

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“… be certain that all sorts of feelings will come up when Grace moves through you, and this is not something you need to intend or chose, it’s none of your business other than just letting yourself be transformed.

Feelings of anger, arrogance, irritation, resentment and fed-up-ness will come up.

There will be times when you feel judgmental and impatient with others.

Many things will come up. Let it come up and let Grace do the work and clear those emotions away.

It’s not your job.

Don’t do anything, maybe not even self inquiry for a while.

Doing nothing doesn’t mean watching TV and dulling yourself down by the way.

It means: keep quiet, be alone, walk in nature, meditate, work in the garden, relax and be committed to what your intuition is guiding you to do or not do.

Don’t spend excessive time online, take a break from all distractions for a while and just be.

This is passing, and the more relaxed you can be about it (trusting that there’s a higher intelligence that has the whole picture), the easier it gets, and soon enough you will come out on the other side – filled with gratitude, bursting with love and you will want to bring that to the world and share that.

Then you’ll be ready for the world again…”: mariaerving.com/leave-yourself-alone/


“… we must be open to the fact that even the good stuff can fade away and that we can actually completely lose interest in what we used to think was fun and what we really enjoyed doing (sometimes passionately) and that can be disheartening, one can even feel grief over that.

  • When some of our much loved interests suddenly starts losing their importance. We just don’t care anymore and that can be a bit weird to start to notice as interests fall away one by one.
  • When even the interest in spirituality fall away, including all ideas we have had of God or what we once thought was true, and there can even be an experience of grief in the process where the concept of God fades away.
  • When ambition falls away to the point that you don’t seem to care anymore about promoting yourself and doing some of the things that having a business requires.

Suddenly ‘purpose’ gets a new meaning, it’s no longer about having a purpose that is kind of set, or ‘static’, actually the new way of experiencing purpose is an ongoing unfolding process that can change from one moment to another.

Therefor having a label of some kind (calling oneself this or that) only gets in the way of the unfolding and it becomes natural to become a “nobody” but also that will feel weird in the beginning when things starts to fall away as the ego still would like to be a ‘somebody’ but can’t anymore…”: mariaerving.com/spiritual-awakening-and-losing-interest/


“… Beside from friends and even family being removed from our lives, either by choice because we just don’t relate anymore, or by Life itself taking care of the releasing of the old/past, we can also experience losses of jobs, home and pretty much everything that once was what we called “our life”…”: mariaerving.com/interests-fall-away-with-spiritual-awakening/


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  2. G

    Hi again Maria. I love your articles though sometimes, I can feel my ego shaking. And sometimes like I’m reading something I’m not ready to realize, but it always plants a seed in me. 😊

    I just feel like wanting to share something. I think this article resonates with me, but I feel like there’s something stopping me in the process.

    I feel like, if I’m not going to deal with this one thing, I’m not going anywhere. I’ve read from your other article you wrote “I rather die than live a lie”. And I think that’s the thing I’m going through right now.

    I’ve asked you an advice about it, living in an unhealthy environment. And you said to trust what I’m feeling about it. And I just let myself feel.

    Like really, and I just stop making myself numb. I was in my room. And I just surrendered, and let myself feel. I’m a little bit worried about it, because I was crying. I feel like not wanting to be in their presence anymore. I don’t even want to eat. Like I really want to get lost that time. At that moment when I surrendered.

    You also gave me an advice to learn to maneuver the time I live here, and also stay in my own power. I just think that, to stay in my power is to be in my truth?

    That’s what I’m worried about, I can’t face them and be in their presence without numbing myself. From what I’m feeling, it was clear, I don’t want to live a lie anymore. Even feel it’s presence, i don’t it want anymore.

    And I just thought that it’s stopping me in the process.
    Thank you for always listening, I just feel like sharing this.

  3. You’re always welcome to share G, and I hope you have good news to share with me soon.

    I feel that you need to be practical now and take constructive action towards changing your situation by doing what you can to move away from there.

    Make that your goal and intention and ask the universe to help you and then focus all your energy on that (and the higher power within you).

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