Align with the flow of Life

7 things about FLOW

Living in alignment with the flow of Life brings happiness and freedom:

1.) Everybody has their own unique life flow, a path that you could say is your destiny.

A lot can be said about “destiny” of course (that’s another post), but if you look at your life and really feel into it, you can sense a guiding principle that is behind it all.

This guiding principle is within you and you are actually One with Life itself. There is no separation. We only ‘think’ and believe we’re separated.

This FLOW, or alignment, is a choice you make and you can either hinder it or allow it.

It’s always there and has always been there and you can at any time choose it and live in harmony with it.

2.) Flow is about living in harmony with YOU.

There is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ way to be, meaning; living in the flow of Life doesn’t require you to be a perfect pristine being.

So no need to become a vegan or anything like that (and it has nothing to do with becoming more “spiritual”).

When you live in alignment with the flow of Life you live in harmony with yourself and the universe so in essence it’s all about being true to yourself and expressing the Self that you truly are.

3.) When you live in alignment with the flow of Life, fear and worry drops away.

Sure, there can be moments of fear or worry that comes up, but you quickly redirect yourself back in alignment again (because that’s your home) and the fear is no longer there.

It just don’t have anything on you anymore, it can’t hook you or draw you in anymore.

Flow means living in the Now and moving with it (by following the momentum of what is shown) in the present moment.

Fear cannot live in the present moment unless it’s instinctual fear (which is a good kind of fear as it can literally save us from life-threatening situations).

The other kind of fear is just mind-made drama created by the conditioned self.

4.) When living in opposition to the flow of Life there’s struggle.

Struggle comes from distrust in your oneness with Life so you exist in survival-mode, and doing this for extended periods of time there’s a risk of falling into depression and even despair.

Because when Truth (flow) is denied the person becomes confused (denial or rejection of your true Self causes confusion) and depending on their beliefs they can even feel abandoned by that which they call “God”.

There’s a disconnect, and this disconnect is what causes struggle and pain.

Most people don’t trust themselves enough to choose the alignment with the Greater Self within them.

But it’s the coming together with the higher aspect of ourselves that takes us from struggle and suffering and into peace and confidence.

5.) There’s an ebb and flow to the flow.

There’s so much pressure nowadays from society that we should all be massively producing human machines and this just takes us even further away from ourselves (and out of flow).

There’s a time for action (doing) and there’s also a time for inaction (being).

Both phases are equally important and by respecting and honoring them we are able to actually be even more productive when it’s time to ‘do’ something again.

Following the flow of your own life’s energy is about loving yourself and respecting and listening to your own inner guidance and direction.

If you don’t listen to you natural inclinations you just create more struggle, stress and anxiety for yourself.

6.) Following your intuition is what takes you and keeps you in the flow of Life.

Trusting your gut and going with the momentum of what is shown is key.

That way you’ll always progress and evolve in the dynamic process of co-creation with the Universe.

So even at times when you’re just ‘being’, you’re actually also creating.

Because many things are happening and coming together on a level that your mind and awareness can’t perceive, so at times when nothing seem to happen, in actuality a lot of things are happening.

You just can’t see it yet.

But when your intuition and flow is opened up you will feel this Truth in your gut and that’s when trust becomes easy.

Then it becomes obvious and natural.

7.) When you yield to it, when you surrender to the flow of Life you will feel like you’ve come home.

You can finally breathe again and life unfolds more coherently, transitioning beautifully from one phase to another.

Living in alignment with the flow also increases all kinds of validations, signs and synchronicity.

It’s like you have this wonderful ongoing communication and connection with Life itself and it just keeps getting better and better.

You and Life are moving as One, and this is what flow is; it’s a beautiful and wonderful way to live and it’s the way we are all meant to live.

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  1. Stephen

    As ever, thank you, Maria. Especially the bit about fear.

    Lots of love.



  2. mark neely

    Hi Maria,
    This post really speaks to where I’m at right now. The recognition of your word’s through my own experience brings such a profound feeling of knowing this is the doorway to freedom. I don’t know why but it feels so good just to write it down.
    Thank you!! ♥️

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