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A little bit about me..

Personal growth has been the central focus of my life for as long as I can remember and I’ve always been intensely curious about human nature and the deeper things in life.

What I’ve learned is that our struggles often comes from a lack of self-awareness, our programming (conscious and unconscious beliefs) and fear. 

Self-awareness is crucial and so is being open to the flow of the universe and having the trust and willingness to adapt to its changing currents, which is the real meaning of “going with the flow”.

It’s a dynamic and ever-expanding way of living life and once you move with it, you’ll come to live with complete trust, confidence and inner calm, no matter what goes on around you.

And not only that, but you also open up to all the unlimited possibilities beyond the limitations of your mind which allows for even greater creativity and inspiration to come forth. 

The universe is always speaking to us, communicating to us and pointing the way to where our greatest joy and fulfillment is.

The driving force behind your life is waiting for you to harmonize with it, and it’s up to you to say Yes to it, that’s how you open the door and start aligning with it. 

We only have this one life, and it’s in our own hands to not let it go wasted, so take a chance on living your life as a free, unafraid human being by following your intuition and by welcoming change.

I have a background in a variety of modalities such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Master Practitioner), Life Coaching (certified), Reiki Healing Master, and more.

With that said, living in the flow of Life means you’re always growing and evolving so I don’t work with any of the modalities I learned and studied in the past. 

I’ve developed my own way of working with people over the years that is based in intuition and my understanding about the human condition and the nature of the mind/consciousness.

I’m dedicated to Truth I always aim to leave people more self-aware, aligned and empowered. 

Life has a magical way of clicking into place once you get in alignment with it. I can’t even imagine living any other way!

I love what I do, and when I’m not working I like spending time in nature so I often go for long walks on the beach or in the mountains. I’m a huge nature lover!

You can find me on all the usual places on social media and although I’m not very active there I respond to every comment I receive.

I love hearing from my readers too so feel very welcome to say hello and start a conversation in the comments section below any of my (closer to a thousand) articles that I’ve published over the past decade or so. 

Speak soon, 😊 

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Transformational coach Maria Erving


“The first step to transformations and progress in life is to recognize the guidance and then simply let go and go with the flow of what is shown. Trust your intuition and you will always be rewarded for it.” – Maria Erving

Official short bio:

Maria Erving is a transformational teacher and healer and the creator of mariaerving.com membership site where she writes about personal development and transformation of consciousness.

Throughout her life, Maria has been interested in and learned about a variety of spiritual and personal growth concepts.

She is the author of “Energy Awareness – How to use energy to change your life” and “Power of Aligned Thought – How the mind works and how to use it” and has co-authored and been featured in several published books by other authors as well.

Originally from Sweden, Maria has enjoyed the privilege of living and traveling in Norway, Finland, USA and India, and is currently residing in Costa del Sol, Spain.

Maria’s work is intuitive and highly transformational and she works with clients all around the globe which includes high-profile individuals and celebrities.

Maria is available for media events, podcasts, and other talks and interviews and to share her personal stories of how she overcame drug addiction, homelessness, struggle and lack to empower and inspire others so that they can do the same.

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