Hi, welcome! I’m Maria,

I was born in Sweden 45 years ago.

I was a deep thinker already as a child, and I remember I often thought that grown-ups had really weird ways of thinking and perceiving life.

My best friend was a dog that I got when I was 9 years old after two years of begging my parents to give me one. She was with me until I was 22 years old. 

I’m both a cat and dog-person and adore them both equally. 

Maria Erving as a child
As a little girl I was aware of the unseen and deeply connected to nature and animals.

My school years were filled with bullying and I was labeled as a “problem child” because I was a rebel and ‘different’ and I was kicked out of school more than once and I never finished it. 

I was very rebellious and ran away from home a lot, was out drinking and partying and doing all kinds of mischievous things. 

Maria Erving teenager
Individuality has always been important to me and I always fought against what was expected of me.

I was intensely curious about the deeper things in life so I always asked a lot of questions and inquired into what life was really all about.

Even as a child when my peers were reading Pippi Longstocking I read books that I stole from the library about psychology, human nature and various spiritual matters.

I was also intrigued by and curious about drugs, which later lead me to become a full-blown drug addict.

The first time I took hard drugs I was shown images (intuitively) of my future, but I still chose to continue on that path, thinking I could handle whatever it would lead to.

Little did I know.. 

Drug addict true inspiring story
The doctors told me that my brain was so damaged that I would never be able to be happy without taking meds for the rest of my life. Thank God I didn’t listen to them! I was able to become 100% free from all drugs.

I went full throttle into drugs from the get-go and of course in the beginning it’s all “fun” and you don’t think about the consequences. 

The path eventually lead me to a very dark place and the thought that kept me alive at times when I was in deep despair and depression was that I knew I had a purpose to fulfill, that I was here for a reason.

I’ve always felt a divine presence in my life and I’ve always had the guidance of a higher power even in the darkest periods of my life so I knew there was more to life than what I was currently experiencing.

I wanted to live, not just exist, but I didn’t know how to do that. 

Guardian angel German Shepard
I had a German Shepard and I believe she was my guardian angel. She died just before I left the rehab. She kept me alive throughout the years because if I hadn’t had her, the responsibility I had for her, I would not be here today.

I was heavily into drugs for a decade or so before I finally got into rehab where I stayed for about 2 years and did massive inner work that allowed me to turn my life around.

In that period I went back to school and became an NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) Life Coach Master Practitioner and healer (Reiki Master) among other things.

Things were moving in the right direction for me, but before I could become who and what I am today, Life took me on a different kind of journey..

Everything in life is for us, and all our experiences mold our character and they show us what we’re really made of so everything I share comes from my own direct personal experiences. 

I’m grateful for every struggle and obstacle I had to overcome because without them I wouldn’t be who I am today.

And I wouldn’t be able to help others as I do today if I hadn’t had the experiences I’ve had and learned the things I had to learn (and not to mention; unlearn). 

In my past I struggled a lot, I’ve lived on welfare more than once, and at one point I even lived in a tiny little trailer in the middle of the Scandinavian woods alone with my cats.

At another point I lost everything and became homeless and traveled all over Spain, India and the USA.

Maria Erving in Los Angeles
One of my favorite places on earth is Los Angeles, California. I love Marbella, Costa del Sol (Spain) too. I’m a lover of sunshine and warm weather! 😊

There are so many events that took place that it’s impossible to even begin telling the whole story in one go (I have shared some of it on my blog though).

So much synchronicity weaved beautifully together, all perfectly orchestrated to lead me to where I am today.

Through the intense inner work I’ve done, I’ve awakened to the Truth that consciousness is everything.

Life is all consciousness, and we are the creators of our own reality, something most people aren’t aware of at all.

Your life can become whatever you want it to be, so why not go for having an amazing life?

You don’t have to struggle as I did, that’s the whole point of the journey I made to where I am today.

I’m here to tell you that you are more powerful than what you might think and that once you know that, you can never look at reality the same way again.

You can save years of struggle, doubt/insecurity and fear by implementing what I teach, and when all those things are out of the way your life will unfold with much more ease and it will be so much more fulfilling and beautiful. 

Everything you could ever want is in the flow of Life.

It’s in the flow of Life where all the good stuff happens and life can truly be lived with a deep sense of connectedness where gratitude and passion is the default. 

I love what I do, and when I’m not working I like spending time in nature so I often go for long walks on the beach or in the mountains. 

You can find me on all the usual places on social media and although I’m not very active there I respond to every comment and tweet I receive.

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All the best, always,




Transformational coach Maria Erving


“The first step to transformations and progress in life is to recognize the guidance and then simply let go and go with the flow of what is shown. Trust your intuition and you will always be rewarded for it.” – Maria Erving




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