Hi, I’m Maria,

I’m a Transformational Teacher and Energy Healer, dedicated to help you align and awaken to the truth within you and the Flow of Life.

Your Ideal Life is Your Real Life.

It already exists, all you need to do is to come back home to who you really are and always have been and connect with the energy of your own Life’s flow.

When we’re in flow with life we live in harmony with ourselves and the Universe, and from that alignment, our truest (and best!) life unfolds.

Personal Short Bio:

Where does one even start with these descriptions? 🙂

We all have a story and I can only feel gratitude for the things I’ve been through in my life because they helped me become who I am today. 

I never fitted into a conventional box (and never will) and I got into a lot of trouble because of that especially in my youth.

I hated school and got kicked out (twice!) because I was disturbing the classes and had a “bad influence” on the other students.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intensely curious about the deeper things in life so naturally I’ve always asked a lot of questions and inquired into what life is really all about. 

Even as a child when my peers were reading Pippi Longstocking, I was reading books about psychology and spiritual matters.

I was also very interested in learning about drugs and curious about them, which later lead me to become a full-blown drug addict.

In my late 20’s I finally got into rehab and stayed there for over two years to heal and get my life and health back on track again.

From then on my life took an upswing and I went back to school and became a Life Coach and Reiki Healing Master (among other things).

I no longer use any of the coaching and healing techniques and modalities that I learned in the past though as I have evolved a lot since then and developed my own unique way of doing my work. 

For information about my work, please read the Transformational Sessions and Healing FAQ page. 

My spiritual awakening.

Throughout my whole life I have had spiritual experiences and in my twenties and thirties I had awakening experiences that started an awakening process that span well over a decade. 

In that period there were times when I lived on welfare and struggled a lot, and at one point I even lived in a tiny little trailer in the middle of the Norwegian woods alone with my cats. 

At another point I lost everything and became homeless and traveled all over Spain, India and the USA.

There are so many events that took place that it’s impossible to even begin telling the whole story in one go.

So much synchronicity weaved beautifully together, all perfectly orchestrated to lead up to the life I have today. 

My awakening then lead me to help others in their process, and if you look through the archives on my blog you’ll find a wealth of helpful information about the process there.

I’ve published closer to thousand articles since I started this website in 2009. 

Life is for living.

It’s all about following the energy of your own life’s flow and being connected to your inner power and truth.

Self-awareness and understanding of consciousness and energy are key factors that allows a person to have fulfillment and harmony in life.

When you’re in the flow of life, in alignment with Truth, you are the creator of your life, and when you’re not in alignment, the ego (false self) is creating it for you.

Life always shapes itself in harmony with the concept you have of yourself, and when you wake up to who you really are, when consciousness comes back home to itself, your life transforms in harmony with that which change affirms.

Everything you want, everything that is good and desirable, is in the flow of life. 

In a nutshell, this is what I do: I liberate consciousness. 

I’m intuitive and energetically aware and I work with people’s energy and consciousness to help them get clear, connected, and aligned.

When I’m not working, I spend as much time in nature as I possibly can so I often go for long walks in the mountains or by the ocean.

I love nature above all, well, besides from dogs and cats (I adore them!).  

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I also love hearing from my readers so feel very welcome to say hello and start a conversation in the comments section below any of my articles.

Chat soon! 😊

All the best, always,




Transformational Teacher and Energy Healer Maria Erving

The first step to transformations and progress in life is to recognize the guidance and then simply let go and go with the flow of what is shown. Trust your intuition and you will always be rewarded for it.

Official Short Bio:

Maria Erving is the creator of mariaerving.com membership site where she writes about spiritual and personal growth, transformation of consciousness, self-awareness, intuition, energy, and flow.

Throughout her life, Maria has been interested in a variety of spiritual concepts as well as personal growth and transformation.

She is the author of “Energy Awareness” and “Power of Aligned Thought” and has co-authored in several published books and has been featured in books by other authors as well.

Maria is educated in a variety of alternative therapies such as Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Master Practitioner), Life Coaching (Certified), Reiki Healing (Master) and several types of bodywork therapies such as Energy Massage, Acupressure, and more.

Originally from Sweden, Maria has enjoyed the privilege of living and traveling in Norway, Finland, USA and India, and is currently in Costa del Sol, Andalucia, Spain.

Maria’s work is intuitive and highly transformational and she’s available for speaking engagements, media events, and other talks and interviews.

Maria can be contacted HERE or via the contact form below. 

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