“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” Mark Twain

How to move from a Scarcity mindset to Abundance

Abundance is when you know and feel that you can create whatever you want to, including money.

Scarcity is when you don’t feel that.

The way we think and believe creates a vibration that we put out to the universe which then responds with the same vibration back to us.

It matches what you send out vibrationally.

So abundance and scarcity really comes down to the feelings you have about abundance and money, which comes from what you think and believe.

Explore your inner world and become aware of the thoughts, beliefs, and feelings you have.

Most people think about money all the time, but they don’t have a good feeling about it.

Usually the feelings are related to stress and worry, so even if a person say they want more money, if they don’t feel the joy of that, abundance will stay away from them.

Your whole being is vibrating or resonating in a certain frequency all the time and whatever your dominant feeling about money is, that’s what you’re broadcasting to the universe.

Abundance is a vibrational frequency, and so is scarcity and lack (which comes from your core beliefs about life and about your own worthiness and abilities).

If you’re putting out a scarcity vibe then that’s what you will get in return.

And if you’re giving something outside of yourself power, such as your circumstances, or an external and distant God and so on then you have to take your power back before you can have the abundance you say you want.

This means you have to look deeply into what beliefs you have. 

They can be totally unconscious, but as you start to dig and look deeply you will start to see the beliefs that are keeping your abundance away.

Abundance (and everything else that is good) is always here for everybody to enjoy, but you can only experience and see what’s currently in your radar, or your frequency.

Once you get in tune with the frequency of abundance and you align with it, that’s when you start to experience it and live in it.

So take back your power from wherever you have given it away to and start using it consciously until you break through to the other side of scarcity and lack.

Withdraw the power into yourself again where it belongs and use the power to create what you want to experience instead of waiting for circumstances to change or for something outside of you to come and save you. 

Be your own savior, because you have the power to manifest and create whatever you want.

Abundance is having an inner knowing that you can do exactly that, while scarcity is the feeling of not being able to do that, so you feel powerless.

If you feel powerless, ask yourself where you have given your power away and to what, and withdraw the power you have given away to any external powers.

Once you have the power again, the next step is to create a goal or vision for your mind that helps change the programming and create a new blueprint for your brain.

Give it the right direction so that it can begin focusing on bringing you what you actually want, which is abundance.

Here too you have to be aware of limiting beliefs that comes up as you progress.

And as you begin to move in the new direction you also cannot allow the mind go into scarcity, you really have to guard it, and this may take some effort.

You may have to redirect your mind a thousand times each day until you have formed new pathways in your brain. 

There are many ways you can do this, such as using affirmations, speaking in a self-empowering way with yourself, and visualization, but most of all feeling.

Feeling is the most important thing.

What would it feel like to live an abundant life? What would you do? How would you think, act, and behave? 

Write down the things you would do and get deeply connected with the feeling of what it’s like to have those experiences as if they were happening right now.

Life is always responding to your energy vibration, or your beingness, in the present moment. 

When you frequently begin to feel the vibration of abundance the universe will start to responds to it and match your new state of beingness. 

So you’ll start to attract opportunities, get great ideas, become more inspired and receive answers and solutions to your circumstances,

Unexpected help comes to you, you experience more money flowing into your life and you may even receive gifts from others and have all kinds of magic and miracles happening in your life. 

When you emit the vibration of scarcity on the other hand, you experience the opposite of that.

So the key is to consistently and dominantly send your new vibe of abundance out to the universe and not giving your power away to circumstances, nor to any deities outside of yourself. 

You have the power to create, attract and live an abundant life, so don’t give that power away to things outside of yourself.

Meditate every morning and imagine the new reality you want to experience.

This is the way to use your innate powers to create.

Imagine your desired reality as real as you can and experience it through your own eyes and feel really good about it.

Your feeling is the most important component because feelings create your vibration, and your vibrational frequency is what ultimately attracts to you what you see and experience in life.

Do whatever it takes to create an abundance vibration and do it daily.

Feelings of gratitude and appreciation is another way you can do this. Feeling the joy of giving and helping others is another.

“If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.” – Mark Twain. You give it away by emitting a vibration of abundance and goodwill towards others.

And be aware of what you let into your mind as well (such as the news and other mainstream media) because it all affects you in negative ways as it’s all designed to trigger fear in people. 

The more you shift into an abundance vibe the more you begin to experience abundance, and that’s when your reality starts to shift for the better.

The reality around you is going to begin to change, new things will begin to arrive into your life, new experiences and new people start to show up in your life that matches your new abundance vibe.

Manifestations will start to happen and money will start flowing too. All kinds of great things will start to unfold and happen for you.  😊

It’s important to not let fear, worry and doubt into your mind.

Because it will show up, guaranteed.

There can be some heavy battling going on with your mind in the beginning so you have establish that you’re the boss now and that you’re no longer going to accept scarcity and lack as part of your reality.

If you feed the fear and worry you are again giving your power away, and doing that takes you back into a scarcity vibration so keep working it and remember; there is nothing to fear.

You are the power now, and you have the power to reject relating to your reality on the basis of fear. 

Keep saying to yourself;

I am the power now!”

Do this for the next week really persistently and you will begin to see a huge difference in both your inner and external world.

But you have to be persistent because the old ways will fight against you, so expect some temporary friction, uncertainty, and fear coming up.

It’s normal when you’re introducing something new to the mind because it likes the things that feel safe and familiar. 

So it’s not going to take only a week and then you’ll be living in lavish abundance (although it can!), but if you give it your all for one week straight and you really do the inner work required, you will absolutely be on your way to living an abundant life.

Focus on keeping your mind and energy aligned with abundance and turned away from lack as much as possible and you will see a difference that will inspire and empower you to keep going with it.

The shift of where you’re putting your attention will soon create wonderful external shifts in your reality.

You’ll notice fear and striving and struggling dropping away and things will start flowing more easily in your life, both to you and also through you in terms of the energy you are contributing to the world and those around you.

You will notice that you’re overall happier and that other people want to be around you more and you experience it with animals too, because they too can feel your new vibe.

Vibrational work is extremely powerful and helps you remember who and what you really are and what you can do and accomplish in your life.

And when you own your own power, all the good and wonderful in the world will feel it too and be naturally and automatically drawn to you. 

         Master your mind and energy and live the life you really want to live.

  • Raise your vibration and overcome and get rid of limiting beliefs that are holding you back in life.
  • Connect with your life's purpose/live more meaningfully and discover what you are truly capable of.
  • Rewire your mind and energy and get in alignment with the flow of Life to live a rich and fulfilling existence.

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