Feeling Our Feelings and Fully Accepting Them

It’s not enough to just feel our feelings, there has to be an acceptance too in order to transcend them.

For example; if we feel the feeling of something “negative” such as hate or resentment, instead of trying to grasp for “better-feeling-thoughts”, there’s an easier way to move through them.

And I don’t even believe we really ‘move through’ our feelings until we have accepted them fully.

It’s like a frenetic ego-mind that tries to find (or create) more positive thoughts, while the Spirit accepts them all, moves through them, and transcends them.

As soon as acceptance moves into any situation it can transcend, or emotional upheaval, such as “Oh, my GOD, I can’t feel hate, can’t feel anger, can’t feel this or that, it’s NEGATIVE, and Oh my GOD I don’t want to create something negative in my life so I have to find better thoughts at any cost..!!”

And then the mind goes on doing just that, trying to be non-hateful, non-angry, non-sad, anything BUT the “negative feeling”.

While a better way would be to getting ourselves back to the Now, and not moving away from what we feel, but stop up and listen to the emotion that comes up, remaining with it, not trying to escape from it; that’s when the miracle occur – the ego will dissolve!

Only the ego tries to be something else than it is, and we give the mind way too much significance by trying to control it frenetically.

Spirit simply accepts.

Try it – next time you feel something that you consider to be negative, instead of trying to change it, just accept the feeling.

Say “Yes, I feel resentful” and see if you’re not feeling a sense of relief by accepting it, and feel how it looses it’s grip and power over you. Say it out loud with a matter-of-fact attitude, and see what happens: “Yup, I feel resentment!, Yeah, and very strongly too!” 🙂

Saying “yes, I feel angry” (or whatever you feel) and expressing your anger is not enough though.

To accept it fully means that you’re not taking it back.

You are not going to apologize for how you felt and for expressing yourself. Let go of feeling guilty and let go of any shame connected to your emotional outburst.

Accept it.

Don’t get angry and perhaps yell at someone (not that I think yelling is necessary! It’s not) who has treated you bad, and then go crawling back later on and ask for forgiveness. Not for feeling the way you felt.

Of course, if you deliberately used words to hurt someone, then you can apologize for that, but not for being angry.

That’s how we transcend our emotions and move through them. That’s acceptance.

Taking it back only sets you back to where you stood before in your own evolution. (the moment before you expressed your true feelings)

Trying to change them with our thoughts and repress them doesn’t transcend anything – even worse if you take it back by feeling guilty for expressing them – it will only stay in your energy system and come back – maybe in a totally different setting and towards someone innocent who doesn’t even have anything to do with it! (such as being bullied by the boss at work, and let it go out on the wife at home.., things like that)

When we allow ourselves to feel – sadness, irritation, and what not – there is no room for the ego to stay. Ego does not accept, ego is always trying to get from the present moment to somewhere else (another feeling or thought) – it never stays and accepts.

We can’t go beyond anything by denying.

So what if you feel hatred for example! It doesn’t mean you act on it!

And when you feel it, ask what it is for, what is it trying to tell you? It is there for a reason, but the spiritualised ego always wants to look good in the eyes of others, and God forbid if “Ias a spiritually evolved being felt angry or frustrated – how un-spiritual!” 

See, it’s hilarious 🙂

Let go of all that – just feel what you feel, accepts and move on. It only takes a few seconds to move through it.

I can give an example og the first times that I received healing when I was in rehab for my drug addiction (this was ages ago) and when I laid there on the bench, old feelings came up to the surface and there were a lot of fear, a lot of anxiety.

It took me maybe 5 healing sessions before I finally was brave enough to really feel the feelings and accept them fully, and when I did, I felt such relief, such freedom!

I can still remember how it felt, I will never forget it. I was amazed on how easily it left my being when I let go and fully accepted whatever came up. It was truly amazing.

I set myself free. And so can You – simply by accepting yourself fully, feelings and all.

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