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Acceptance of Self is the foundation of receiving (Attract by Energy)

Accepting yourself fully attracts the blessings of the Universe to you.

Within us is the power to do whatever we need to do to be happysuccessful and to do the things we dream of doing.

The power becomes available to you just as soon as you can accept yourself fully.

Anyone who connects deeply with themselves and changes their perception of Self (and thus their energy) will inevitable start to live a new and amazingly different life.

Acceptance of self is the foundation of receiving all the blessings of the universe.

When you accept yourself and stop trying to fit in or do things the way everybody else is doing things and instead follow the flow of your own life’s energy, the blessings starts to pour in.

Everything is drawn to you, you pull it to you by your new energy vibration. 

So how can you be kinder and more accepting towards yourself starting today?

Think of One thing and begin treating yourself better and everything in your life will get better and you’ll have more enjoyable experiences in life.

The energy vibration of confidence is very attractive to the universe.

Energy attracts, and when your energy is empowered, you will begin to step into the person you’re meant to be and attract all the things that you’re meant to have (and want).

One way to do this is to follow Vincent van Gogh’s advice; “if you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”

“Do not allow negative thoughts to enter your mind for they are the weeds that strangle confidence.” – Bruce Lee

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  1. Mark

    Good day Maria,

    This article hits me right in the center. Guilt, shame and an overall sense of not good enough were heavily enforced and supported in my family.

    People pleasing, pointing the finger, all wrapped up nicely with a smile that it’s all good. If not for moving away so many years ago I may have never been open to change.

    I know that no one is to blame, I have only love and compassion for them.

    A recent family situation brought out a reaction from me that was uncharacteristic. I found I just had no tolerance for the usual nail myself to the cross routine.

    Maria when it comes to this deep seeded foundational conditioning do you think it’s necessary to clean it up or is it enough to just loose taste for it.

    I have came a long way but I still see some tendency to identify with this littleness.

    Thank you

  2. Hi Mark,

    Thank you for sharing so openly from your life.

    Self-love and self-confidence is a thing many people struggle with, and connected to that is of course many other things such as self-worth and self-respect.

    It’s all connected, so yes, you should definitely work on those things within yourself.

    Don’t ever let any unfavorable or limiting thoughts and beliefs linger in your mind, especially those that has to do with your sense of identity.

    You should absolutely clean that up.

    You wrote: “A recent family situation brought out a reaction from me that was uncharacteristic. I found I just had no tolerance for the usual nail myself to the cross routine.”

    I don’t know what happened but I do know that whenever anything happens that upsets us or creates some kind of stress within us, it’s a clear sign that there’s something there that needs to be addressed/dealt with.

    Or maybe you ‘finally’ stood up for yourself? If that’s ‘uncharacteristic’ for you it’s only because it’s ‘new’, so it can feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning.

    It’s always some kind of learning/growth experience/opportunity so it’s important to realize and see this so that you can transcend whatever it was it created for you internally as well as in your family dynamic.

    And if you spoke up for yourself; good for you! 😊 Continue doing that.

    It takes some practice to find a balance between being kind and assertive at the same time if you’re not used to express that side of yourself.

    Just know you have it and work on it until you find your own true way of expressing yourself. You can even practice doing that in front of the mirror (maybe this GIF can inspire you! LOL)

    Sometimes (most of the time!) family members who are not growing and evolving themselves has a difficult time accepting when you’re evolving and changing. They want to you to stay as you’ve always been because that’s the person they are comfortable with/being around.

    So you have to learn how to deal with those things too – it’s all part of the process and has to do with you becoming more and more You, the real you (and not the you that others want you to be, or even the you you think you should be.)

    Here’s a few articles that can be helpful to you:

    (And actually do the exercises, don’t just read them. They can be very emotional and powerful and it’s always the implementation that creates the shifts).

    And you might like this post too:

  3. Mark

    Thank you for your reply and advice. The reaction I had came from my father having been judged harshly by another family member out of there own pain in the most hurtful way and completely unjustified.

    But that’s not why I reacted, it was my father’s response to reach out for acceptance in the most toxic situation that set me off.

    My response was not towards anyone, it was directed to this condition of lack and trying to find acceptance where it can’t be found.

    I did ask that what ever needs to come out to come. It’s just amazing how the perfect scenario came to bring it out. I will definitely check out the posts you recommended.
    Thank you 😊

  4. Ah, I see.

    Yes, when you gain greater awareness you see all those things more clearly, and as you increase your self-awareness you also get to see the other people’s conditioning and their unawareness of it.

    They are just unconscious of their own programming and most of the time there’s no use in trying to point those things out for them (as it has to do with their sense of identity).

    Unless they are open to evolving and growing of course, but many times especially when it comes to family there’s usually only one person who’s been able to leave the Matrix so to speak, while the rest of the family lives within the boundaries of what they have been taught the world and life is.

    They live their lives from the perspective of the false self but they don’t know it so the best way is to just keep working on yourself and finding peace in the fact that they might never be able to see what you see.

    And that’s fine, we’re all on different levels of growth and some people will never grow beyond a certain point.

    It’s basically just an acceptance of the fact that they live on a different level of consciousness than you, meaning; you can relate to their level because you’ve been there, but they can’t relate to yours and will most probably not know what you’re talking about should you try to explain.

    The important thing is to keep moving forward and focusing on your own growth and evolution and then your change will affect those around you, and those who are not open to grow will just fall away, and those who are open will start to ask you for life advice quite naturally as they see your transformation and the happiness you’ve found (or awakened to).

    Onwards and upwards! 😊

  5. Mark

    So true Maria, I have to say you are a blessing, a true beacon of light and I am very grateful. Thank you ♥️

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