Tap into the field of all possibilities

Accessing the Field of Infinite Possibilities

Access the field where all things are possible.

Consciousness is infinite and once you learn to access the energetic field where all things come from, you’ll be able to create a whole new reality for yourself.

It’s the source of all power and it’s all-knowing and it’s always present and we can tap into it at any time. 

All answers can be found here.

Everything you ever feel the need to know, you can get the answers to if you ask and then get still.

In this creative energetic field all things truly are possible and available.

Creativity, inspiration, insights, .. it’s all coming from here.

Life is created from consciousness and the (for most people) unseen invisible vibrational energy force that is all around us and in us.

It creates through frequency and the more in tune we are with it, the more it keeps sending us great ideas and insights that we can use in our lives to create even more magic in both our own lives and in the life of others.

It’s the energy behind every great piece of music, every invention and every great work throughout the whole history of mankind.

When we are in alignment with it, we’re in the flow and we feel good and happy about life and we feel ‘protected’ and guided by a higher power.

The path we’re on is made clear before us as we take one step at a time and it’s not unusual at all to experience miracles where things we have struggled with are taken care of miraculously and where issues resolve themselves magically.

We’re not meant to toil, suffer and struggle through life.

Things and life can be so much more enjoyable and easy if we just use our minds a bit more, in the right ways!

So how do you access this field of infinite possibilities and where all things are available for us?

One way to do it is through meditation.

There are many different ways to meditate but if you want to specifically access the field of possibility and 1.) receive an answer to a specific question, or 2.) give your mind an assignment to fulfill, then here’s a few simple steps how you can do that. 

And don’t disregard the simplicity of this – it’s incredibly powerful. You’ll be amazed by the results when you do this and you’re sincere about it.

Ok, here it goes:

1.) Intend something. 

Write down what it is that you want. Examples could be: growth and progress in a specific area of your life, or the answer to a specific question.

2.) Specifically tell your mind to help you with something you want to accomplish or have.

When you give your mind and brain a specific goal or assignment, it will immediately go to work to fulfill it for you. 

Be very specific about the things you want help with and don’t worry about the “how”.

3.) Get quiet and sit in that silence for a few moments until you’re in a meditative state.

Once there, begin to communicate quietly with yourself, or the ‘field’.

You will sense that you have entered into a deeper place in your mind.

Once there, ask the question you want an answer to and again; be specific.

Ask, and then listen and let images and answers come to you. They will start to flow to you as you stay open and receptive. 

You can ask things like:

  • What is the most important thing for me to know or understand about my life right now?”
  • What is the next right move or action I can take to improve/achieve/accomplish _______?”

If you want to give your mind a specific goal or an assignment then you can say something like this:

I choose to _______ (whatever it is that you want), it’s my choice. I want it and I have made a decision of having/being it. This is what I want. I tell my mind to help me with this.”

It’s important that you do this in a respectful way/in a respectful tone. Don’t assert yourself as if you were bossing your mind around (that won’t work!).

Simply be clear and completely assume and expect that you will get what you ask for/about.

And don’t “ask”, but tell it. You are the boss, but don’t be bossy. 

You want your mind and brain to work harmoniously with and for you and that’s the space where your intentions should come from as well. 

Then ‘see’ and create images in your mind of what it is that you want and attach strong emotions to it and live in the image as if it was real for a few moments until you feel a rush of energy flowing through your whole body. 

This feels really good and sometimes there’s even tears of joy.

The moment you have reached this emotional peak and your image is clear, drop it into the field and leave it there.

That’s it. You can do it once, or every morning and/or evening for as long as it feels right. Never strain or force it.

If you pay attention to your intuition it will tell you when to stop.

Anybody can do this but very few actually do it because they don’t know it’s available for them. 

I have done this for years, both for myself and the people I work with, and I continuously see amazing results coming out of it.

It doesn’t matter who you are, if you are a stay-at-home mom, a student, a CEO, or someone who works with people in some way or another, anybody can do this. 

When you tap into the field of all possibilities (and where all things already exist), everything becomes available, and you can do this to create more joy and satisfaction in both your own life and in the life of others.

How will you use what I have shared with you today, Now? 

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  1. Teri

    Thank you Maria for your wonderful insights and work. It truly is inspiring. This article gives amazing clarity. Eventhough there has been tons of book written on the topic (law of attraction etc), this one is very powerful in its simplicity and how you describe the steps. Resonates with me on every level. Thank you again, blessings.

  2. You’re so very welcome Teri! Glad to hear it resonates with you 😊

    All these things are natural to us, it’s just that most people are disconnected from and/or no longer aware of their own innate powers.

    Once they begin to discover and use them though, a whole new (and exciting) world with opportunities and possibilities open up for them.

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