Don’t Be Afraid of Looking Foolish – Act Boldly For God!

Ask, reach out, speak up, be bold for God!

If you need help, ask for it. If you need advice, ask for it. If you want to know something, move towards it.

The ego often times gets in the way when we act boldly, and the thought or fear of looking foolish comes to surface, and we start to question and reason our way out of what we’re about to do.

I’m not afraid of asking for help, or looking foolish for God. I know that that is part of walking by faith means. Part of has to do with letting go of the need to keep up the appearance.

Still, after all these years of moving outside of the safe boundaries of ‘normality’ so to speak, I still feel have these moment when the ego makes me feel very uncomfortable when I’m about to do something that could have the potential of me looking foolish.

I don’t care! That’s the solution.

KNOW it’s the ego trying to prevent you from growing and learning – just do that thing, even if you risk loosing your face.

God will not have his work done by cowards! That is something I always keep in mind, and when the moments of insecurity comes, I remember that and I move boldly forward, knowing that God is cheering me on! 🙂

Is there something you feel intuitively that you should do but feel afraid of doing it because you might be pointed fingers at, or laughed at, or talked about behind your back?

Are you afraid of looking childish or dumb because you need to ask for help or advice from someone that could help, but you think they are not attainable for you because of this or that?

Screw it!

Do it anyway!

Your heart will sing of praise when you move outside the familiar and when you dare to look foolish for God.

Trust that God always has your back 🙂

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