Life After Spiritual Awakening (Ask Maria)

Spiritual Awakening Questions:

Question From Reader:

Regarding your most recent post to disregard God in all previous posts.

I agree that the word “God” is heavily laden with baggage that doesn’t apply to spiritually awakened people.

Since from an awakened perspective we are part of this whole which we are within but also consciously co-creating with.

That makes us “in” God as well as “being” God, which kind of flies in the face of the whole creator/creation duality that doesn’t really exist, but believers in God accept as true.

God can’t be separate from creation and therefore us, so… I understand that you are one more step beyond what I am saying since you see yourself as free from not only the creator/creation trap but even the concept of everything being God.

(Am I interpreting what you have said accurately?) In Vedanta for example they say there is nothing but Brahman (God).


My Reply:

That’s correct. There is no God, nothing is God, God is nothing, although to even say that implies that there has to be something in order to be nothing, but I’m sure you get my point, I’m just trying to be very clear.  

Whatever any books, teachers or teachings say about God or Brahman etc has no meaning to me.

There’s no co-creating going on, I left that concept ages ago.

What is, is you, that’s all there is and you are communicating with yourself all the time and this is my perception of Reality.

There really isn’t much else to say about it but I understand where you’re coming from, but I don’t have those types of questions anymore.

I do have a few clarifications I want to make though.

You wrote:

”I agree that the word “God” is heavily laden with baggage that doesn’t apply to spiritually awakened people.”

I never said that the word God doesn’t apply to spiritually awakened people.

Although it is really weird to me that people who perceive themselves as enlightened or awakened still believe in God, but I never wrote this in my post

To me it’s just not possible since no beliefs are true but if someone wants to delude themselves (and never question their beliefs about it) then that’s up to them.

And that the word is laden with a lot of baggage is something that I wrote about in the past and not in my most recent articles. I don’t have that reason for not using the word anymore.

Those types of thoughts are ‘old’ to me, I don’t care about things like that anymore, it’s not in my awareness at all.

I literally have no feelings, opinions or thoughts about ”God” or the word ”God” anymore, it’s completely dead to me.

(I don’t want to be associated with it, that’s all, simply because I have awakened from those things). 

– – –

Question From Reader:

Another question that arises then is about all the transformations you are going through, and what that means.

Who is having the transformations? I don’t mean this to criticize or be combative, but to understand.

From my perspective there is this witness aspect to my being that is my true Self.

Yes you could say that is a belief because I didn’t discover it on my own. I had to hear about it first.

But when I heard it and recognized the truth of it I put it to the test.

Now it is knowledge, not belief.

I know that what I truly am is not the body or mind but what observes them.

In other words, I am what doesn’t change. I know from reading many of your posts, exchanging many emails and speaking to you that you have this experience too.

Yet you speak of endless changes in your awakening.

Would you say you have come full circle and the mountains are mountains again, as they say in the Zen tradition?

My Reply:

You wrote:

“Who is having the transformations? I don’t mean this to criticize or be combative, but to understand.”

That’s fine, I don’t mind you asking. In fact it’s great that you ask, but you should really point this question towards yourself.

What does it matter to you who is going through transformations and so on (in/with me)?

Ask yourself those questions instead.

That’s what I did.

I wasn’t interested in other people’s enlightenment. I wasn’t the least interested in their ‘enlightened finger’.

I was interested in the moon their fingers pointed towards, and I relentlessly questioning everything that stood between me and the Truth of who and what I am.

I could care less about other people’s enlightenment or transformations, ‘who is having them’ and so on. I was concerned about my own processes and went full throttle into them.

And once you’re in the process of spiritual awakening (and aware of it) there’s no turning back so you might as well throw yourself off into the abyss completely.

And that’s what I did. 

Even though I never thought someone could say that, but yes, I have to say that I am “done”.

There’s nothing more for me to do, nothing more is necessary.

But that doesn’t mean I’m done exploring, discovering, transforming, realizing and so on. I will never be done in that way, and I never want to either. 

I’m sure I could camp out here in my awakening so to speak and make a big deal about it, but I’m not interested in that.

My nature is of a different kind.

I’m forever evolving and discovering deeper aspects of myself but I have no thoughts or questions about ‘not being the body or mind’ anymore, actually those types of questions seem absurd to me.

Same with questions like “who is having this transformational experience” etc. 

Questions like that are completely irrelevant to me now, there is no need for that kind of self-inquiry anymore. 

I just am and what is left for me to do is to enjoy this experience called life to the fullest and that’s really all there is to it.

You just come home to yourself (consciousness wakes up) and then you go back to ordinary life, which does not mean ‘average’, I’m just making a point here to clarify that you don’t become someone other than yourself. 

There is no witness, no observer or anything like that anymore. (An observer observing something). 

And this – what is – is complete, full, and infinite, which means its expressions and evolution (continuous discovery of Itself) is endless, eternal, never-ending.

And this is the fun and delightful part of life! It’s like a play, you become lighthearted about it and you can have fun with it. 

I travel in a limitless world, there is no end to transformation unless you want to stop and camp in a certain place in your consciousness and call it your permanent home.

You can do that, but it’s of no interest to me, I have a curious nature by default and I take delight in moving around and exploring consciousness as a whole in the bigness of my own true nature. 

I have left the playground of spirituality and I am free, simply being my original self, enjoying myself – and it’s all very (very) simple really. 

Life is left for living and that’s it.

mountains in andalucia spain

Yes, the mountains are mountains and I’m in Archez at the moment, which is a very small Spanish village in the Andalucian mountains.

I’m a bit up in the mountains though and not in the village itself, and everyday I climb (read: walk) these mountains with my dog friend Patch because I enjoy it, and not because I need to (attain something).


“Before I sought enlightenment, the mountains were mountains and the rivers were rivers. While I sought enlightenment, the mountains were not mountains and the rivers were not rivers. After I attained enlightenment, the mountains were mountains and the rivers were rivers.” ~ Zen Proverb

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