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Living in Alignment with your Values and Intentions

Get in alignment with your core values and Soul intentions and you will find fulfillment in life

To live in alignment with the values of your Soul and move from that place with your intentions is how you find true fulfillment in life, in your work, and in your relationships.

Values influences a person’s behavior and attitude and serves as guidelines in all situations and areas of life.

They are the guiding principle in our life towards healthy relationships, our work contribution and service to the world, and are what our intentions are based on.

Are you clear on your values?

Values and Intentions goes hand in hand, and the best way to identify these in ourselves (if we are not aware of them) and other people is by paying attention to how they (we) behave and act.

We always act in accordance to what is most important to us, and what is most important to us is what we truly value, which might not always be what we think it is.

When you’re clear about your values and your intention with everything you do, you’re always going to remain aligned with the flow of Life.

They help you fulfill your purpose in the world and helps bring you back to alignment in times of confusion, challenges, and tribulations.

When you have a clear intention with anything you do, and it doesn’t work out, or you feel disappointed or betrayed, returning to your core values and intentions will help you face those moments with more grace and strenght than if you hadn’t had your values and intentions clarified for yourself.

By returning to your values and intentions in any situation, you’re always also returning back into alignment with yourself.

Set intentions for everything in your life.

For any actions I take, I set intentions;

For my work, what I bring to my clients, for the healing sessions I conduct, for my relationships, any meetings I have. Everything.

I also let my intentions help resolve any issues that come up in my life, and when I do, there’s harmony and grace to it, even if it’s challenging.

My intention for writing this article for you is also clearly set by me, and if you can sense it when you read this, you’re also able to sense my value-system, my ‘why’, which is the driving force of my purpose.

Setting intentions that are based in the values of your Soul helps you get out of your head and into your heart.

It makes you more forgiving, compassionate and caring as a person and guides your behaviour in all aspects of your life, such as in your relationships and in your work.

Our values inform our thoughts, words and actions and helps us live in alignment with ourselves and the flow of our true life’s energy.

Getting clear about what’s most important to you in life and understanding your personal values will have a massively positive impact on your life.

If you’re in Costa del Sol in Spain or Gibraltar area be sure to pick up the November 2019 edition of Society Marbella Magazine!

I have an article in it called “3 revealing questions to ask yourself about your friendships” (page 40-41).

It will help you get clear on what your personal definition of friendships are and also help you get clarity around your relationship values.

If there are people or friends in your life that you realize or discover is not harmonizing with you, that they don’t share your core values in terms of friendships, then it’s best to simply acknowledge that and be honest with yourself.

Sometimes there can be a mismatch, or conflict, in our values, and there’s nothing wrong with that, it just means that we value different things in life.

Here’s an old post that came to mind:

Why putting our values in hierarchy is important

If you have a friend that you have fallen out with, get to a place of love and forgiveness within yourself, release any grudges, and release them to their highest good.

But if you in your heart feel that you want to extend an olive-branch and offer to rekindle your relationship with them with the intention of building something new and healthier, then do that.

Don’t ever let fear of being vulnerable and authentic sway you away from what your heart calls you to do.

But if you do that and only realize that they don’t share your values, that you don’t vibe after all, then simply wish them well (inwardly, no need to explain anything) and move graciously on with your life.

Be kind and courteous and just realize that you are just not meant to be in each other’s life, at least not on a deeper level (if it’s family for example.)

Live in alignment with your core values and with your intention focused on what’s most important in your life and you will always find true and lasting fulfillment.

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Society Marbella Magazine, Article by Maria Erving, November 2019.

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