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Living in Alignment with the Flow means that You’ve come Home to Yourself

Flow alignment is about living in alignment with yourself.

We get out of alignment with ourselves when we compare ourselves to others or when we try to meet other people’s expectations by listening to their opinions more than our own inner being.

Flow alignment is when you come home to yourself again and when you can truly be yourself and on a very fundamental level feel that you’re good enough just the way you are.

This does not mean you stop growing and evolving though, it just means that you have come to a place of total self-acceptance and a completely new level of love and compassion for yourself.

Within you is all the confidence you need, it’s just untapped and locked in by your own self-perception and beliefs about who you think you are.

Society and media etc. is constantly telling us that there’s something wrong with us, that we need to be fixed, or ‘better’, and that we are never enough.

All these lies can be unlocked though, by realizing that there is nothing wrong with you.

No one is perfect and we don’t have to be.

Who says you have to? Really ask yourself that. What expectations are you trying to meet by trying to be perfect or doing things perfectly or in the ‘right way’?

Society, religion, culture, media, etc. constantly gives us those messages, but what is your Soul telling you about you, have you ever asked?

When we truly learn to love ourselves again, and when you learn to value yourself and respect yourself, no one can ever again make you feel less than, or not good enough.

One of the best things you can do for anyone, including yourself, is to care for and love yourself first.

That’s when all the other things in life falls into place as well.

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Flow alignment is really about finding your own unique, individual flow, and it does not look like anybody else’s flow. It’s uniquely yours.

This does not mean don’t get inspired by others and so on, but it means to have the courage to listen to your own inner being and to find your own voice and place in the world.

It means that you have to do the inner work to deprogram yourself and banish self-doubt, stop worrying about what others think, and start feeling great about yourself.

You are so much more than your imperfections and self-perceived flaws – and you’re definitely more than what other people think of you!

Seeing other people as inspiration or role-models is great, it’s awesome, but using others as a bar is deceiving and detrimental to our own soul and individuality.

Don’t strive to fit into someone else’s way of living just because they seem to have it all together.

We’re always evolving and growing and we’re all in different places in life, on different levels of consciousness and growth, and with different backgrounds and experiences, knowledge and level of awareness and self-awareness and so on.

Even if our paths are similar, we’re all essentially on different paths because of our unique purposes and missions in life.

When you compare yourself and your path to other’s you only end up seeing the good and ‘perfect’ in them and then pointing a finger towards yourself on what you (your ego) think it’s wrong with you.

Let other people do their thing – and you do yours.

Do whatever works for you, and only according to what is genuinely calling you and not because you think you have to, or because your ego tells you it’s the ‘right way’.

I’ve even had people tell me that they think they have to suffer more in life before they can live a life they truly want and deserve, just because other people have suffered before they came to live their best life!

That’s all the conditioned self. You do not ‘have to’ suffer!

You can go straight from Here to Happiness/Peace etc. in an instant – it’s all about the present moment and what your present Beingness is, and that can be changed by a shift in energy vibration and consciousness.

Find your own flow in life.

Follow your own calling and guidance by listening and researching within; use your own internal Google to seek the answers to the questions you have.

Having goals, aspirations, dreams and desires is absolutely important, but letting other people define them for you is not.

Comparing and judging yourself and setting goals that are not vibing with you will only leave you feeling inadequate when you can’t live up to the standards you’ve set up for yourself according to what the world and others tell you you should do.

Ask yourself what YOU want. What do you truly want?

How do you want to live this one and precious life that you have been given? Who and how do YOU want to be?

What is the most authentic and true you like? And what are your own personal aims and dreams in life? Not what others think or want for you, but what you want for you.

Striving for something that is not really what you want is stifling to your soul and can easily lead to self-sabotage simply because you’re trying to attain or do something that is not truly aligning with you.

Today I invite you to take the place of playing the lead role in your life. This is your one and only life and you should be playing the main character in it.

You define for yourself what you want, who you want to be, how you want to live and what your own definition of a life well lived is.

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Society Marbella Magazine, Harry Styles.
Society Marbella Magazine, Article by Maria Erving, February 2020.

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