Get in alignment with Life

If you feel the calling to do something or go somewhere – just dive right in and do it!

Get in alignment with your inner guidance. 

Even if it’s something you’ve never done or even considered, follow it through and do something with it. 

Life always shows us things that are beneficial for us and sometimes the guidance we receive is something that has never even been on our minds to do before.

I always follow that nudge. Always.

Because I trust it with my life. It is my life.

I just go, wherever it leads me.

Like my India trip for example. I was guided to go there and even if I had never been drawn to go to Asia before, I said YES to what I was nudged to do.

Or the first time I moved to Spain many years ago (and the second time too for that matter). I was guided to do so, and so I gave away everything I owned and went.

There’s no “trying” with me.

I don’t see the point in living in any other way and it’s highly rewarding on a deep, deep level of my soul.

This is it, this life is all I have and I know this deep in the core of my being so I don’t doubt the guidance I receive.

So today I invite you to really trust the guidance you receive about something and really go for it!

Follow the inclinations and nudges and you will be massively rewarded.


If Life is calling you to go somewhere or do something: GO. DO!

You will be so happy you did.

  • Look at the alternative: Where will you be three months from now if you don’t go in the direction that you are being guided to go?
  • And where could you be three months from now if you did follow your inner guidance and direction?

Powerful questions.

The answers makes the decision quite clear and obvious, doesn’t it?

Live it in alignment with the truth within you.

As you move along with the guidance you get, people, ideas, and resources, and everything else that you need will come to you.

And as you implement and move ahead with what is shown to you, more and more clarity (and the feeling of aliveness) will come to you as well.

It’s always worth it to follow your heart, wherever it leads you.

Trust yourself, your gut-feeling, and the direction Life is giving you.

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  1. Nathania

    Dear Maria,

    Thank you for all of these amazing articles, they have been such a consolation. You share so openly and honestly, things that we all need to hear so that we know we’re not going crazy!

    I am struggling to know whether nudges are truly intuitive guidance or whether it is resistance to what is, and a fear that is causing me to run
    For the last few years, I followed what I believed were nudges, I moved many, many times, Id only stay in a job/city/home for a couple of weeks before knowing it was time to go. Much of what came up after my “awakening” was an inability to tolerate places and people that felt out of alignment with my true self.
    Things like manipulative abusive behaviour, from landloards or bosses/colleagues, family became things I knew did not have to be in my life, I had a choice, I could accept my reality, but I knew I was free to go. That I needed to go.
    Whenever I went for something, or left it, it felt good in my heart. The times I resisted listening caused me such turmoil until I gave iin
    But then the judgments began to weigh on me heavily, people thinking that I was lazy/weak/entitled for being unable to hold a job, uncaring or callous, flimsy/drifting/unreliable.
    I began to question whether they were right, that I was just running.. and it became painful, I began to judge myself as a failure.
    In the last few months, Ive become so afraid. I’ve been sitting still, unemployed, living with my mom, and Im scared to do anything, even to travel (I was never like this before) I keep trying to convince myself I’m supposed to be here, because I find it so hard to live with her, that maybe I need to find peace in it, But when I get a nudge, to go on a trip (Spain has been calling me, I find it so interesting that it turned out that you are living in Spain!), I am filled with fear and doubt, I wonder if I am just running, resisting. I also worry, what if I go, and then it doesnt work out, and i end up back here.
    The obvious is answer here is, nothing ever really works out, its all just a journey that keeps going, and if I end up back here, so what?
    But Id love to hear your thoughts

  2. Hello again Nathania,

    Thank you for your comment, and you’re very welcome, I’m glad to hear that my writings resonate with you 🙂

    After I’ve read what you shared from your life it seems like you just have to keep believing in your path and keep moving forward following the nudges.

    Otherwise you risk getting stuck in a rut, or routine, where not much is happening and that becomes comfortable and ‘safe’.

    And when you do take a step outside of the comfortable and safe, other things will open up as well.

    I think you just have to ‘do it’, whatever it is that you’re feeling drawn to do.

    It may not turn out the way you thought it would, but it will be exactly what you need.

    A story came to mind just now from my own life.

    Many years ago, over ten years ago actually, Life told me to move to Costa Blanca in Spain, and in my mind – what I thought – was that once there I would get clients easily and that money would start rolling in and all would go well.

    That didn’t happen though.. Because Life needed to teach me about trust, and that was what a lot of what I experienced there was about.

    For you it might be about something else, but many times with most people it’s about trust.

    It’s fear that hold people back, and trust that makes people thrive (until not even trust is needed).

    You need to have that foundation, otherwise you will never attempt anything because you’ll stay in a place of mistrusting Life and not trusting yourself (and fear of failure).

    Maybe the situation with your mom is about you not tolerating something that is lesser than what your heart yearns for.

    Maybe you need to go to Spain and find out by experience that Life can be trusted, that you can safely surrender to its flow.

    You wrote:

    “I also worry, what if I go, and then it doesn’t work out, and I end up back here.”

    Yes, as you said; “So what?”

    At least you gave it a go, something most people never do.

    They choose to stay in the comfortable and safe boredom instead.

    I don’t know if you’ve read my articles about my India trip?

    If not, start reading my posts from the beginning of my planning etc:

    Page 1 (my first India post):

    Page 2:

    Page 3:

    Long story short;

    I had no idea how I would be able to do it but I went anyway, because Life called me there.

    And what an adventure I had! 🙂

    So have a look at the posts and see if you can be inspired by them to ‘just go’ yourself to wherever it is that Life is calling you to go.

    Let me know how things go.

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