Allow your life to unfold and flow

Allow your life to unfold the way it’s meant to

Allow your life to unfold the way it’s meant to by following the guidance you receive.

If you have asked for guidance, direction or clarity about something in your life, pay attention to what comes to you today.

Here’s a few things to pay attention to:

  • A hunch, or a sudden ‘idea’ that pops up that asks you to do something different or out of the ordinary. Something that somehow breaks your normal everyday patterns.
  • Coincidencessynchronicity or ‘strange’ meetings with people as they might be a key component in the process of you being able to move forward.
  • Intuitive knowings when something just feels right and you know you have to do it or go in a certain direction. (Even if you don’t know exactly why).

Just trust the unfolding.

We need to consciously choose to follow our inner voice and gut feeling for life to be able to flow as it should.

The more we listen to our inner guidance and follow it, the more and clearer it speaks to us.

Be aware of any doors or new directions that are opening up for you today.

Look around you and ask yourself:

“What am I not seeing clearly that I need to see and understand? Show me”.

And then follow through by taking action on the things that are being shown to you.


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