Allow Yourself To FEEL Goddammit!

I’m getting a lot of my inspiration from the world and people around me (from my life experiences), and lately I have become so sick of reading statuses on Facebook about things like “manifest your dream life by never thinking negatively again”, “be happy all the time and manifest your dream life” and so on.

That is just so stupid!

We are humans (yes; “spiritual beings having a human experience” and all that) with a wide, wide range of emotions and feelings, and the more we (as humanity) suppress them, the sicker we get.

And what is ‘negative feelings’ anyway? Grief? Anger? Frustration? Sadness? Pissed-off-ness..?

Why are they so bad??

If you are not a hermit living in a cave somewhere, you will most definitely go through life and experience loosing someone to death. You will most definitely feel grief at some point in your life. I strongly believe that it is unhealthy to put on a brave face and act like everything is OK, when it’s not. It’s natural to feel grief. And it’s not negative!

And anger; that can be a great transformer. It creates forward motion, fiery energy, if used in constructive ways.

Frustrated? Pissed off? Good, I’ll say! Use it in constructive ways, but don’t repress the feelings.

How dull would life be if we always felt ‘oh, so goody-goody’ – do you really think that things would ever change and evolve if we are always content and comfortable??

Don’t think so..

Like myself, now, for example. I would probably not have written this post (and hopefully inspired others to accept all their feelings as a part of being human) if I hadn’t become provoked by those silly statuses about ‘always being happy’, which is humanly impossible.

There’s a lot of people pretending to have it all together and then people want what they seem to have and are thus more likely to buy their products and services.

They buy into the polished image (of having a perfect life) thinking that it’s possible to never ever again have a negative thought or feeling as if feelings and sensations etc were wrong and to be avoided at all cost. 

But those people are just as human as anyone, with their own personal challenges at times like we all have as humans. We don’t overcome or transcend anything by hiding from ourselves, pretending, or denying our own human-hood.

We transcend challenges and issues by facing everything and dealing with them as they appear. 

You don’t ever feel irritated..? 

If you do, and you’re into all that ‘control your life by only “thinking positive thoughts”‘-stuff, then let me ask you what you are feeling right now, and why you ‘chose’ to feel that way, and why aren’t you happy and smiling if you can ‘choose’ how to feel every second of your life? 

Just saying.. Just slap a happy face on and all will be alright with the world, right?

If you are a 100% in control,… you know.

Having a different perspective and attitude about life (which is what in actuality transforms how we experience life) and all its experiences come from maturity (and not denial), which we can only get by actually growing and evolving beyond the little self’s need to always feel comfortable and to always feel either admired/looked up upon by others, or approved of. 

We are humans with a lot of different emotions, sensations and feelings, and I say lets embrace them all instead of almost desperately trying to grasp for the positive feelings every time we feel slightly uncomfortable!

Don’t become an emotional robot! Feel!!!

There is no need to resist anything, and the moment we allow ourselves to feel, a new sensation emerges and the ‘bad feeling’ is a thing of the past.

We don’t need to fight and make our feelings and thoughts enemies. Just welcome the feeling and then that free flow of allowing then naturally lets go of what is perceived as “negative” because we don’t make it wrong.

That goes for fear too.

Say to the fear: “Okay, I’m not gonna resist or fight you, but I will ask you what do you want? Why are you here?”, and then it will release itself from your awareness.

That’s what happens when we meet it.

Usually you will find that it has nothing to say, it’s merely a phantom in your mind, a shadow from past memories that is still lurking beneath the surface mind and as soon as we really look at the “reality” of it, it vanishes. All by itself. 

Very simple formula for how to live a liberated and free life if you ask me. 

Be friends with yourself and your inner sensations and do more mature and deep inner work instead of merely trying to change your surface thoughts and then you’re able to grow into being more spiritually equipped to handle things in life as they come up instead of struggling against them.

Change your attitude and perspective about things – that’s how things really change. 

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