Allow Yourself To Make Mistakes

Sometimes there’s hesitation, and self doubt, and anxiety, .. maybe even a lot of ‘what if’s’.

But what if.. what if it’s not such a big deal, and what if not just go for it even if you’re unsure?

Twenty years from now, or even a year from now, what will it matter?

If you’re not sure about something (and have been hesitating for ages), why not give it a go anyway – even if it might turn out to be a so called mistake?

Sometimes doing something is better than doing nothing (and sometimes it’s best to not do anything if there’s hesitation, it’s about become very aware of what resonates and feels right in the moment. Sometimes it’s great to do something totally different too), instead of kind of idly waiting for some big sign that tells you clearly which way to go, so why not just go and see what happens without any signs?

Look at the big picture, have a birds view of the whole thing and see what you see and deal with whatever is right now. Not what might be or has been, but what is.

We could just get up and do something, almost instinctively, but no, it’s like we like some kind of robots just have to follow every thought that demands attention and drags us in in mental torment, isn’t that a typical human thing to do?

“Should I do this or that, oh, but what if I make the wrong decision, then this or that will happen .. “ etc. 

We’re letting the mind fret and regret and worry about all the ‘what if’s’ and’ if I don’t then the sky will fall down on me’; like headless chicken we run around in life completely lost in our minds ‘gotta think about this’, ‘gotta handle this’, ‘gotta figure this out’, having the need to know every detail before the tiniest leap can be made.

It’s all a waste of energy, and loss of the present moment because each time the mind jumps we are no longer present but lost in the mind activity of thinking which for the most part is habitual thinking (old thoughts that go round and round, round and round, .. and then round again some more).

In all this we could just catch the next wave of peace simply because you can see it’s already right here, and from that place our intuition can be heard much more clearly. 

Ask yourself, right now, if the peace you’re looking for is already here and feel into that. It’s clearly already here and all it takes is a split second to recognise its presence and there it is.

But what do we mostly follow as humans? The mind’s chatter that totally overrides the peace and stillness that is the base of everything.

I think sometimes it’s healthy to not think too much of a thing and instead just do something (take some kind of action); see what happens. Give it a go.

You can always change your mind later.

I suggest this if you have been pondering something for ages, then it can be a good idea to either leave it, which you probably can’t, otherwise you would have, or you simply give it a go and see what happens.

It’s important to do this from a place of curiosity and not frustration. 

Trust that you will be able to handle it. You will. Don’t worry about that – usually a courageous act of some kind has it own way of carrying you forward and beyond as long as we are aware of what we do and the process we’re in. (Awareness is the key). 

We have to be bold and willing to make mistakes in this venture called life, otherwise we get stuck in a fearful place and that’s never good, people can stay there for years sometimes and in those cases some kind of action has to be taken and usually what keeps us from taking action is fear. (Ego).

Being very aware when taking some kind of action in whatever direction allows us to cancel it so to speak the moment we feel we’re headed in the wrong direction. (Trust your intuition).

But many times people let what others might thing come in the way. 

We are always free to change our minds and to do that sometimes requires a bit of courage as most people are way too polite and stay in situations because they feel obligated to.

So there’s always opportunities for growth in every situation.

But it’s life. Curiosity about going through that door is what makes it exciting as well, there’s a movement that can begin when hesitation is thrown out, even for a moment.

How does it feel within you right now when you think about just doing that thing you have been thinking of for ages? Isn’t it kind of liberating to just decide to go for it, come what may? I mean, looking at the big picture; a year from now, what will any of it matter?

Who will even care a few months from now? At least you gave it a go, right?

Throw yourself wholeheartedly into life again and stir things up – it can even be fun and exhilarating! 

Throw all of you (and your ideas) out there and see what comes back to you, what kind response life has to your actions – some things will work and some won’t.

One thing is for sure and that is that it will feel great, at least that’s what it feels for me everytime I have done this myself. (Remember to do this from a place of curiosity and not frustration).

Something always comes back to us and then from that point on a new (inspiring) path opens up.

Experiment a little – there’s always something to learn, even if it is ‘I’ll never do that again!’ 🙂 

curious horse

Stay curious:)

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