Why Do Angels Abandon Us?

Q: I don’t know how I stumbled onto this site. Now that I am here, I would like to ask a question. I have been searching for a job for 2 years. I felt that my Angels have abandoned me. I had hoped to get work, but no luck. I PRAY a job offer comes soon!! Why do Angels abandon you?

A: I believe we stumble upon exactly what we need to stumble upon at the right time when it comes to our spiritual development, so I welcome you to my site, hope you find the content here helpful, uplifting and inspirational.

Sometimes we encounter challenges and tribulations in life and in our spiritual unfoldment, and I think many can relate to the challenges you’re facing right now in your own life.

Crisis is many times a catalyst to our awakening and a deeper, more fulfilling way to live. 

I want to begin with sharing a little bit about my story with you as you are new to me so that you know where I’m coming from.

My website is full of articles where I have shared a great deal from my own spiritual awakening process and what I have shared in many of my articles is how in the process of awakening all concepts fall away and how our minds gets emptied out from all that is not Truth.

When all those things has been wiped out from our minds then there’s only the awareness of I AM left.

And after have been in that space for a while (or beingness) the I AM “awakens” and we come to the realization that I AM is God and that we are that.

But before that happens, even the concept of God falls away.

The same thing happens with Angels, they fall away too.

Everything we see, believe in and experience, whether it’s Angels, demons, Trolls or Santa Claus; they are all concepts and not real.

They are merely aspects of ourselves as everything is consciousness.

Beautiful or ugly, it’s all coming from within our own consciousness and the more false beliefs there are in the minds of people, the more struggle and fear there is.

And the more false beliefs that are removed and cleansed out from the minds of people, the more of the true nature can be expressed and experienced.

It’s a shedding process that leads to happiness and freedom. 

The process of the destruction of false concepts and ideas about life can take years before the naked ”I am” stands alone as the one and only power there is, but until then the ego-self goes through a process where there might be lots of confusion and even feelings of abandonment. 

In reality we are not abandoned, instead we have turned away from Truth, and the reality is that there are no outside forces that directs our lives or that we can turn to for help.

We can only turn within for help, and that is the most wonderful help there is to receive.

The Angels, spirit guides and all the other things that people believe in are all aspects of our own being, so even though I for example speak with God every day, even now before I began writing this article I asked for guidance on how to write it in a way that would be most helpful to you, I also know that there’s no God anywhere outside of myself helping me with anything.

I am fully aware of the fact that I am talking with myself; to the power and wisdom within me which knows more than my conscious mind.

It’s only from the belief in separation that any (mental or emotional) suffering comes from, and the moment you know there is no separation between you and God, you’re free.

It’s a state of mind (or consciousness) and it is a mind of either duality or non-duality that makes the difference between feeling free and feeling powerless. 

It’s really that simple. It’s the belief in duality that makes people feel powerless.

In reality there is only One Power and you are that power and that power is God.

With that said, yes, there are undoubtedly things in life that makes no sense to us, that we may never understand, and that we have no control over, but we have always full control of how we choose to respond and react and how our attitude is towards life. 

I don’t know why you haven’t been able to get a job, maybe there’s something grander in your heart that wants to be expressed, something that makes you come alive, that no job can give you.

I can only speak from my own experiences and hope my encouragements will empower you and help you move forward and upward in your life. (I’m sure that as you browse my site you will find a lot of my articles relate to your own processes and experiences). 

This one thing I know: As long as you stay true to yourself, you cannot go wrong.

When we are true to the Truth within us we cannot be in conflict with life.

That does not mean it’s always easy. It’s not always ‘easy’ to be a person who thinks and acts from his or her own convictions – there’s a lot of opposition against free thinkers in this world, but that should not stop anybody from pursuing their own unique path.

It’s ultimately that which brings us most joy and fulfillment. 

It’s impossible to not find fulfillment in our own natural inclinations and urges, because we are life itself and life can’t be in conflict with itself.

Something within you is coming alive through your crisis and you need to have full confidence in the most wonderful outcomes regardless of the ‘facts’ life presents you with right now.

There is a deeper Truth to all that is happening so turn your full attention to that. 

I know that the moment you surrender to what’s happening you also open up for deeper understanding, and that can only come about when turning inwards, away from the world and all its concepts and ideas. 

Away from Angels even.

They have not abandoned you, but you have abandoned your Self, your own innate power, by believing in powers outside of yourself.

When you turn to the God within, the God within will guide and direct your ways.

You don’t need to consult or pray to Angels, but we can’t really do anything that our beliefs won’t permit us to do, that’s why all concepts should be questioned and investigated.

(Our life is our state of consciousness objectified). 

We can only investigate, question and dissect the beliefs and ideas themselves and then our actions and behavior will transform and change too. (Most people never question their beliefs at all).

The moment you take your power back you have it back. You already have it, and it’s waiting for you to use it.

“I take my power back! I am not a victim of circumstances! What God is, I AM

People sometimes feel punished and abandoned by God (or Angels), but God does not abandon or punish people.

God is eternal goodness. Take those words in, really feel them: God is eternal goodness.

There is no condemnation, abandonment or mood-swings with God where he hears you one day and ignores you the next.

I know this from my own experiences. I too have felt those feelings, believe me.

I have been through so many different processes in my own awakening so I can absolutely understand where you are at the moment.

This can be your wake up call, crisis has that affect on our life if we let it. 

It’s time to start questioning what is not working anymore. Even question the reality of your Angels. 

Also, look deeper into what this crisis can be about for you as the facts of life is not the Truth of life.

For example; do you really want to get a job, or is something else calling your attention from within? Would you dare to accept what your heart is calling you to do? Are you open to a whole new path that you might not even be fully aware of yet?

Would you be willing to take the limits off of what the power and wisdom within you can do through and as you? 

If you are, your consciousness will follow that stream of thinking and move you into a more expanded life where you see more possibilities for yourself.

“I choose to see myself as God sees me”

Everything exists on different levels of consciousness and we have access to all of them, but we have to unlearn a lot before we can experience them in our existence because we can only ‘get’ what we are.

That’s why I can share with you with absolute confidence that even though I have been saved by an Angel (when I was 15 years old) and even though I have had a very profound encounter with Jesus, I now know that life expressed itself to me that way because that was what I could relate to at the time of my crisis. 

Life speaks to us in ways we can understand and always manifests in ways that we can relate to. 

Now I know it was an aspect of my very own self, but the experiences themselves remains as beautiful as they were then so that aspect doesn’t change at all.

I remember a few years ago when the Angels left me too, and I think I even shared an audio recording here on my blog about that particular experience but I can’t find it.

Anyways, that was the last time I saw them.

The experience had a a ceremonial feel to it where they walked me up to a presence I felt was God and then they kind of said goodbye to me.

It was a very special experience and I actually mourned them for a while afterwards (I missed having them to talk to) and then with the deepening of my self-realization even God was let go of later.

Now when I talk about God I know I’m talking with myself; the power and wisdom within me, so I never feel abandoned, ever.

There’s only love and a clearer communication than ever before, because I know I am That. (Oneness).

And you are That too.

God is to be glorified through us (we are here to represent the God within), but as long as a person lives in duality there will be suffering and fear.

Below are some of my older articles that I hope will inspire you, challenge you (to really look within) and help you move forward with trust in yourself and the path you’re on.

The most important key in all of this is to become still and listen within, yet this is what most people won’t do; they will keep looking for the answers and solutions from outside of themselves, and they will keep praying and pleading to Angels and so on and completely ignore the infinite wisdom within them that knows everything about their situation, it knows and sees all and have all the answers we will ever need.

I urge you to go within and ask for guidance because I know you will receive it.


These articles can be helpful to you: 



And here’s some other articles that you might find helpful as well:

(Some might be for members only but I can’t remember which ones though).

“Do I wish to be confident and feel secure in my decisions in life, or will I continue introduce fear and worry into my life by believing that I’m a victim of circumstances?”

The Higher Truth will wipe out the lower facts if you let it:



Are you available for God to work through you?

It’s not about your ability and skills (or lack of them); it’s not about being worthy enough to do God’s work, it’s not about being good enough, educated enough, experienced enough – It’s all about being available for God:


We might feel rejected by the world, even by God, but we should never doubt ourselves.

We have to continue following our hearts calling, it cannot – and shouldn’t – be rejected or neglected.

You have to do what feels right in your heart:


We sometimes get stuck in thinking things has to evolve and unfold in a certain way, hence the straining and struggling, while Life might have something completely different lined up for us.

We have the goal or desire, but God has the Way:


Q: “I have the feeling that I have lost my inner center, I don’t feel the strong connection anymore and it is a very painful lost.

I try to fill the void and the suffering of the pain by eating food as I don’t want to hold to something else. Or to someone else like a new boyfriend, or any relationship to hide there.

This is where I am stuck to ask for support also.

The support I used to have from psychotherapy doesn’t seem appropriate anymore. I feel totally alone”.

A: mariaerving.com/ego-panics-1

In every life there comes a time when we are asked (even forced if we have not listened before) by life itself to make a decision that will alter our life direction and change everything.

We can feel when things has come to an end and when we are asked to leave the old behind us and move on.

The moment of Truth.

Will you go with your heart, will you say yes to the unknown, the true adventure of life?:



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You have been an amazing addition to my life!

Thank you for all of the wonderful light, and love that you send out into the world. You are indeed an inspiration even though we are half way across the world – isn’t that wonderful! It is a privilege that is not taken lightly. Thank you Maria! 

Ruby Coleman Professional Musician and Actress, Memphis, Tennessee, USA

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  1. Ivo Fernandes

    I don’t mean to be nasty, but my crises has had the opposite effect
    I have now been unemployed for 5.5yrs, before that my guides would intersect with me, i was so happy gosh, I loved life
    When i lost my job, I have since then begged my guides to connect me, begged them to hear, begged them to help me find any job.. unfortunately ,,, I am still unemployed, and at this moment can’t wait for it all to end… i had enough

  2. You’re actually on the verge of a breakthrough, a shift in consciousness kind of breakthrough Ivo.

    This article is very old, from a time when I believed in God, and I haven’t re-read it since I wrote it so let’s just focus on you and your comment.

    You are probably going through this crisis as a part of you awakening process and it’s calling you to question your beliefs.

    Bottom line is this; you don’t hear from the guides, because they don’t exist.

    They were at one point real to you, but so was Santa.

    If you are ready to take this in then that will liberate you, but if you insist on holding on to old beliefs and belief-systems, well, then you’re going to suffer for a little bit longer.

    It’s up to you.

    I have gone through very difficult times too, even longer unemployment periods than you (and I used to live on welfare when I lived in Norway), homelessness, and so on.

    So I’m talking from experience and from a place of understanding the awakening process.

    Today I’m free and love my life, but I had to go through the difficult times in order to awaken.

    So must you.

    Take charge of your own life by letting go of beliefs, all beliefs; including Gods, angles, guides etc etc.

    They are all beliefs in your head and this what is happening now with you is your cue to investigate what they are and let them go.

    No one is going to save you Ivo, no one but you.

    You are Life itself, you are the exact thing that you are wanting to get from something you think exist outside of yourself (you call them guides).

    They are simply created by consciousness as a away for you to help yourself, but now the time has come to ‘put aside childish things’ and become a grown-up (by waking up).

    A new kind of communication will later come back, but then you will know that you’re only talking to the life force that is already within you, so there will be no separation.

    No you wanting something from this ‘other’, call it God, guides, whatever it is.

    They are only a play of your consciousness, but you’re in the process of outgrowing it now, waking up from it.

    So my suggestion to you is to go with it (the alternative is to resist it and thus you’ll continue to suffer).

    Go with the flow of your life and confront everything that inflicts on your inner peace.

    Ask yourself what beliefs you hold that in turn then hold you hostage in your own life and let them go by ruthlessly confronting them, examining them, and dissecting them.

    I know all this since I’ve been through it myself, not only once but many times over, because beliefs that are strongly held can resurface later at some point when another crisis arises, until you have seen through them on the deepest level possible.

    The question is if you’re ready to do it or not.

    If you are, it will liberate you.

    Moving on,..

    Regarding work; maybe you’re not meant to have a job, maybe you’re meant to do something entirely different with your life.

    In my own case, I looked for work all over the world, I sent literally thousands of job applications in my desperation of getting myself off of welfare and become independent.

    Thousands. And that is not an exaggeration.

    And I got non of the jobs I applied for, only rejection after rejection.

    I did that in addition to building on my dream, this website etc etc, in other words, following what I felt called to do.

    So while I was struggling to get myself financially independent, I was also building on my dream at the same time (to have my own business).

    What I would strongly suggest that you do, is to start looking at what you would like to do with your life, and think about those things without limiting yourself just because you may be low on money at the moment.

    Been there and done that myself, I have even had days when I had nothing to eat but potatoes and mayo, but I still kept doing what I felt called to do.

    So no excuses and no dwelling in self-pity allowed.

    Abandon your guides or god or whoever it is that you feel is not hearing you or helping you and get on with your life.

    Do what would excite you and make you happy and you will see that Life supports you in that (I have been incredibly and magically supported all the way, even in my times of crisis as you can read more about below).

    Follow the flow of your life and see where it takes you, and leave everything and everyone behind that is not supportive.

    I remember I told God, the angels etc etc, to go f*** themselves if they indeed heard me but did not help me.

    I was like “what the f*** is that about?? What kind of “father” would do that to his child” etc etc, I was not afraid to speak up for myself if you know what I mean LOL! 😀

    And ultimately, those things were the things that helped me break free from beliefs, not only those types of beliefs but all of them.

    All the temper tantrums and rantings I went through helped me set myself free.

    The ultimate release that came from these types of beliefs (in God etc) happened when I was going through one of the biggest crisis in my life and was going to lose my home after I’ve given away everything I owned and moved to Spain.

    No matter what I did or how I tried to prevent it from happening, I lost my home, and all I had left was ten Euros to live on (the last 60 Euros I had to use to put my cat down, who had become very ill in that particular time. So it was a tough time to say the least. It was very difficult).

    And it was mind-boggling at the time that it happened because I had full faith and trust in this god character that had promised to help me etc.

    So I know EXACTLY where you’re at, exactly, because I’ve been there too.

    With that said, there was a blessing in all that happened.

    I’m actually grateful for losing my home, I know without a doubt that it had to happen in that exact way, it was perfectly orchestrated by Life itself (consciousness) in order to help me wake up fully.

    So while it was one of the biggest crisis in my life, it was also one the greatest things that has ever happened to me.

    One day you will also be able to look back at this time in your life and see that this (what you’re going through) is actually a blessing in disguise, that there is a huge gift in all this.

    Now it’s up to you to look for it and use this time in the best way possible and move on from the things that keeps you down.

    Question everything, and do it thoroughly.

    Here’s a few of my older articles (some from the time I lost my home) that will be helpful to you (some may be for members only):

    “Ever Wondered Why God Failed You?”


    “Eliminate the word “struggle” from you vocabulary”


    “Spiritual Crisis is a part of the Awakening Process”


    “Remembering Last Christmas (Personal)”


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